Beta registration for the Mega Man X mobile game is open

Android-only at the moment

Mega Man X DiVE is proceeding as planned. Despite the trepidation with fans all over the world, the next Mega Man X game is officially a mobile joint, with an “all-stars” tint and a sort of meta-narrative that involves you revisiting “your favorite locations from past games.” I’m willing to try it and pray it isn’t completely drowned in microtransactions.

A lot of folks can try it soon too, as Capcom is opening up global testing sessions for the game so long as you’re an Android user (iOS participants could be let in at a later date). You can register now through August 22 so have at it, and you’ll hear back on whether or not you get in on August 23 with more info on the beta times to follow.

As Rockman Corner points out, this beta will be nuked after the testing period, so don’t plan on participating if you want data to persist into the final build. Capcom is planning on a 30,000 player quota and the beta page is on the Taiwan landing site only right now: so there’s a good chance you’ll get in if you apply.

To do so, head to the bottom of the page, enter your Gmail address in the entry box, select “I have read and understood the terms of the event” and let it fly.

Global Closed Beta Test [Rockman X Dive via Rockman Corner]

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