Best Far Cry 5 deals on PC and console for release week

Flaming savings up to 20% off

Far Cry 5 goes live Tuesday (read our review here) and the deals are heating up as the game nears release. For those interested in the wack-a-cultist title set in the heartlands of Montana (because why not?), discounts depend on your platform of choice, membership, and whether you’re a new or old customer.

PC gamers can scoop up the Uplay copy of the game for $47.99 with coupon code NEW20 for 20% off, the caveat being that the code will work only on new accounts at GMG. You’ll also have to use the code within 24 hours of account registration. We’re not sure how GMG determines a “new account,” but as far as we can tell, a new email address may be sufficient; your mileage may vary.

For console gamers, deals are a bit more on the light side of things as Far Cry 5 isn’t exactly a small title from an unknown IP. That said, the game is thankfully qualified for Best Buy’s pre-order $10 rewards certificate bonus, provided you buy the game before its release date tomorrow morning. The rewards also stack with Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, netting you 20% off to $47.99 (membership is $30 for a two-year account).

Far Cry 5 Deals

PC deals

    Expired deals

    Just added: There’s a Blue Yeti Blackout Mic “Streamer Bundle” deal from Best Buy for the week, where you can pick up a Blue Yeti Blackout Microphone for $109.99 and they’re tossing in a free copy of Far Cry 5. Overall not a bad deal for a new title.

    Far Cry 5 Pre-Order Bonus

    The pre-order bonus for Far Cry 5 across all platforms is the “Doomsday Prepper Pack” which features a Doomsday Prepper Outfit (complete with a cap!), Doomsday 1911 Handgun, and a Doomsday Van. These are all cosmetic in nature and nice digital bonus to have but shouldn’t sway your purchasing decision, in our opinion.

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