Best clothing mods for Cyberpunk 2077

Roam the Night City streets in style

Anyone who’s played the Cyberpunk TTRPG knows how important style is in Night City. Between the wardrobe system and a bevy of clothing options, Cyberpunk 2077 has a great foundation, but mods can help you level up V’s fashion game. 

There are thousands of mods that add individual clothing items and little accessories for your character. Plenty of them deserve a shout out, but which ones rank among the best is up to the individual player. Rather than focusing on one-offs, this list is mostly going to look at mods that either make changes to the game’s clothing system as a whole or add a small catalog of cosmetics for you to pursue. Get ready for a shopping spree, chooms. 

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Virtual Atelier

In games, as in life, it’s all about fashion. Virtual Atelier adds some quality of life improvements to your clothes shopping sprees, and it provides a base for other clothing-centric mods. With this installed, you’ll be able to preview how various outfits look before committing to buy them. You’ll also be able to browse clothing shops on V’s home computer. Other modders can plug right into Virtual Atelier to add custom shops featuring their latest designs, so this is really just the start on a longer modding journey. 

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Cyberpunk now thankfully has a wardrobe feature that lets more fully customize your V’s look, but the Equipment-EX mod takes that feature a few steps further. The mod adds a huge variety of clothing slots, opening up options for jewelry, shoulder pads, backpacks, and more layered clothing options. It also gets rid of the base games limit on outfits and works perfectly well with a ton of individual clothing mods, so you can create a fashion statement for every situation. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Goro Takemura looking down at the player in a junkyward.
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4 Styles Store

After you’ve installed Virtual Atelier, the 4 Styles Store is one of the easiest mods to plug into it. Why spend dozens of hours digging through shops and alleys to collect all the base game’s clothes when you can skip ahead to having the whole catalog at your fingertips? As the title implies, the store organizes all the clothes into four styles: entropism, kitsch, neomilitarism, and neokitsch. If you want to start the game with a wide variety of clothes to choose from, but you don’t want to spend hours digging through every clothing mod on Nexus Mods, this is the one for you. 

Screenshot via Nexus Mods

Arasaka Cyberarms

Cyberware isn’t exactly clothing, but it does play a big role in V’s sense of style. The base game doesn’t offer very many cosmetic options when it comes to cyberware, but the Arasaka Cyberarms mod more than fills the gap. It adds a dizzying amount of cyberarms for you to choose from, and it even has multiple cosmetic options for all your favorite cyberware weaponry. The next time you’re ripping apart a pack of scavs with your trusty Mantis Blades, do it in style. 

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Lucy’s Outfit

The main focus of this list has been on mods that make dramatic changes to the game’s clothing system or add a slew of new items for you to check out, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one very specific outfit mod. Lucy from Edgerunners might not appear in Cyberpunk 2077, but with this mod you can perfectly emulate her style. It’s a wildly detailed recreation of her outfit from the game, and it can make your next Netrunner V into a fashion icon. 

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