Best Buy Black Friday: Target has the cheaper Xbox One

Capitalism starts at 5PM Thanksgiving day

Best Buy’s Black Friday ad is up here.

Similar to retailer Target, there is a $330 Xbox One bundled with Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag (both digital), but Target throws in a $50 Target gift card as well. $430 gets you the same bundle, but with an extra controller and a Kinect (and Dance Central). Probably don’t get that one. Buy an extra controller on sale for $40 (PS4 controllers, too). 

You can get a GTAV and Last of Us (both digital) PS4 bundle for $400, which is sort of amusing, It’s the remaster bundle. Add Infamous: Second Son for $20. $175 for a 3DS XL feels like they aren’t trying, because I got mine for that two years ago, I think. No Vita deals because Sony’s abandoned it. And I’m not sure why their $360 Wii U bundle specifies only Super Mario 3D Land and Nintendo World, but includes pictures of Smash and Donkey Kong Country. May be a good deal or not. 

Newer releases like Call of Duty and Destiny are $45, most else is $30 (Alien, Watch Dogs) or $25 (Evil Within, Titanfall). 

That $200, 50″ Panasonic TV, though. Damn, I wonder how many of those they actually have. Feels like a ploy to get people in store, unless the TV sucks or TVs are that cheap these days. I bought mine around the time of the PS3 launch and it was half the size and three times more expensive. 

And only $80 for Beats if you want to look like a tool with a light wallet. 

Steven Hansen