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Early beginner ideas for pool 1 deckbuilding in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has a lot of cards and synergies. Different types of effects, counters to those effects, and potential combos exist, even early on. So we’ve made a list of the best Pool 1 decks to help out with early Marvel Snap deckbuilding.

If you’re not aware of how the pool system works, card distribution is split up into a few categories. Players start out as recruits, then eventually get dumped into Pool 1.

Throughout the course of the Pool 1 collection levels, you’ll randomly unlock cards within the Pool 1 set. Then, once you’ve graduated to Pool 2, you’ll have all the Pool 1 cards and start randomly unlocking Pool 2. Same goes for Pool 2 to 3. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Pool 1: Level 18 to Level 214
  • Pool 2: Level 222 to Level 474
  • Pool 3: Level 486 and up

Because of this, there are a set list of cards that you will have acquired by the end of Pool 1. But on the flipside, you might unlock them at a different rate, or get some cards but not their synergistic pals right away.

So we’ve laid out a couple general options for Marvel Snap Pool 1 decks. These are based around broad stereotypes, trying to focus on archetypes. Because your collection level is always growing, think of them as guidelines; we’ll also provide some options for swap-ins and alternatives if your Pool 1 draws can’t form the full decks yet.

Deck #1: Zoo

Zoo decks are straightforward: They put bodies on the board. This is all about getting bodies down and building numbers up. Cards like Sentinel and Squirrel Girl ensure there are targets for buffs, while Angela, Ant-Man, and Wolf’s Bane use those bodies to buff themselves up. Closers like Kazar, Blue Marvel, and even mid-game drops like Ironheart or Captain America can keep the numbers climbing.

What makes a Zoo deck especially effective early on in Pool 1 Marvel Snap matches is that they’re fairly flexible. This concept is one I’ve used, but you can easily swap around others. Mr. Sinister could fit in nicely, and cards like Hawkeye can fill an early spot until you get better or more reliable buffs. Making a Zoo deck also gives you some ideas to work with, that we’ll see pop-up in later concepts.

Alternatives: Mr. Sinister, Hawkeye, Forge, Bishop, Cosmo, Iron Man, Spectrum, Gamora

Deck #2: Odin / On Reveal

This is all about the on-reveal effects. Odin might seem like a cornerstone here, and that’s accurate. But he’s really just the coup de gras of the on-reveal attack.

The Guardians of the Galaxy thrive here, as cards like Star Lord, Mantis, and Gamora can all make huge swings. The White Tiger synergy with Odin can work wonders and reward patient, thoughtful positioning. And use Enchantress specifically to deal with Ongoing deck types, which we’ll be talking about in a moment.

Alternatives: White Queen, Scarlet Witch, Sentinel, Rocket Raccoon, Jessica Jones

Deck #3: Onslaught / Ongoing

One of my personal favorite decks to pilot in Pool 1 of Marvel Snap is an Ongoing deck, centering around a few specific synergies. My goal with this one is to get Namor in either the middle or, preferably, right-hand lane. Then a turn 5 Klaw and turn 6 Onslaught seal the deal.

I’ve tuned this a bit to be a little less of a one-trick pony, though. Options like Mister Fantastic, Kazar, and Iron Man give flexibility on where you drop Onslaught for his doubled-up power. More tweaks could certainly move this closer to a Zoo deck as well, taking advantage of Kazar and Onslaught’s synergy to field some terrifying one-drops.

Alternatives: Squirrel Girl, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Cosmo

Deck #4: Discard

This is a bit of a tricky archetype to play in Pool 1 of Marvel Snap, in my experience. The option I put together here is more of a hybrid, mixing Discard options with Destroy for a more flexible deck.

A Discard deck generally wants to find loopholes to enact a big drop. Getting a free Wolverine, for example, or using Lady Sif to freely buff Apocalypse. It can be finnicky though, so I’ve included options like the early synergy of Carnage, Nova, and Angel.

Also, America Chavez can play a big role in making decks more consistent. Essentially, she doesn’t just guarantee a turn 6 draw of a good card, but also ensures you won’t draw her any sooner. It can make drawing into combos a little safer, and if it doesn’t happen, you’ve got a turn 6 9-drop.

Alternatives: Kazar, Strong Guy, Colossus, Lizard

Deck #5: Devil Dinosaur

The other decks are a bit more modifiable, but Devil Dinosaur needs Devil Dinosaur. This deck centers around one very specific synergy: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

Moon Girl lets you draw a copy of your current hand, and Devil Dinosaur gets more power from more cards in your hand. In essence, you want to have a turn 4 Moon Girl, which can usually give you a full hand and two Devil Dinos to drop on turns 5 and 6.

The rest of the deck is about disrupting your opponent’s game with as few cards as possible. Sentinel, Cable, and White Queen put bodies down without losing card count. And Yondu, Korg, and Mantis all pester your opponent.

Alternatives: Armor, Mister Sinister, Angela, Namor, Squirrel Girl

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