Beautiful and unwieldy Xbox Ones for the Chinese New Year

Banana controller!

The Chinese New Year is rapidly approaching, beginning on February 8 (thanks, Wikipedia!), just little more than a week away. Microsoft commissioned eight local artists from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to design Xbox Ones to commemorate the arrival of the Year of the Monkey.

All of their fantastic designs can be seen in the gallery below. Interestingly, only two artists didn’t add any sort of bulk to the console, instead opting to only paint on it. And, maybe it’s kind of telling that only a single person incorporated the Kinect into their work.

What Microsoft plans to do with these is anyone’s guess. These obviously won’t be available at retail, given that they’re all one of a kind creations. Auctioning them off for charity would be a nice touch. However, if they want to practically bring anything here to store shelves, I think that banana controller might make its way into a number of homes.

Check out These One-of-a-Kind Xbox One Designs Created to Celebrate the Lunar New Year [Xbox Wire]

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