Bear and Breakfast delays Switch launch, PC still on track for July

Bear and Breakfast delay

Some extra time to tune controller support

Gummy Cat is delaying part of its launch forĀ Bear and Breakfast. The upcoming B&B sim needs some extra tuning, so while PC players will still get it on schedule, Switch and controller support for Bear and Breakfast has been pushed back.

In a message from the dev team, the studio says that playing with a controller has not felt as good as they wanted. Thus, those versions of the game need a little more time in the oven.

“We are working very hard to finish the extra work, with our goal being to release the game on the Switch as soon as possible, sometime within the next couple of months at most,” reads the statement.

The PC version, meanwhile, is still on track for a Steam launch on July 28. However, controller support will not be available for PC players at launch. That will come at a later date, “within the same time frame.”

Building a bed and breakfast

While no date’s been set, at least PC players can still get hands-on with the game this month. At least, so long as you’re okay with mouse and keyboard, rather than a controller.

Bear and BreakfastĀ is a charming-looking life sim game about a bear, running its own bed and breakfast. Having popped up at a few showcases over the last year or so, it seems to be all about attracting customers and gradually renovating your establishment.

It’s a fun take on a management sim-style game, and I really love the look of it. For a little extra time to make sure the controller support works alright, waiting’s no issue.

PC players will get to open their establishments early on July 28, while Switch and controller users will be waiting just a while longer forĀ Bear and Breakfast.

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