Backbreaker Vengeance announced for Xbox Live Arcade

NaturalMotion’s long-awaited Euphoria-engine-powered football game, Backbreaker, debuted last June to harsh reviews; it remained a bad game until a major title update in August fixed numerous issues. On the other hand, the developer has had tremendous success with Backbreaker on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The mobile version comprises a scenario called “Tackle Alley” — which was included on the console Backbreaker disc — in which you have to evade defenders while running down the field to the end zone.

That popular mode is serving as the inspiration for the next game to have the Backbreaker name: Backbreaker Vengeance, which “takes the intensity and AAA appeal of the original Backbreaker Football console game and combines it with the pick-up-and-play nature of the multi-million selling iPhone games” and is set to launch exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade this summer, published once again by 505 Games. NaturalMotion is aiming to deliver an experience that looks and plays just like the original Backbreaker, but additional details are scarce at this point.

The last shot in the debut teaser, which you can watch above, hints at a multiplayer aspect to Vengeance: players in four different uniforms are shown standing on a field, so I can only assume that the game will include a mode in which you can compete with friends to get to the end zone first while scoring as many points along the way. While I didn’t enjoy the 11-on-11 experience that Backbreaker offered, I loved Tackle Alley, so I’m excited to see what Vengeance brings. What about you?

Samit Sarkar