Back 4 Blood gets its next expansion, Children of the Worm, at the end of August

Back 4 Blood

More terrors lurk in the world of Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is getting its next expansion at the end of this month. Children of the Worm, the second DLC expansion for Back 4 Blood, goes live on August 30, 2022.

The Children of the Worm will have a new story campaign, adding an Act 5 to the action. New enemies threaten to cause a bunch of problems for the Cleaner crew.

But the survivors will have some back-up, too. A new playable Cleaner, “Prophet” Dan, is also joining the action. A previous preacher of the end times, he’ll probably make for a wacky addition to the roster of playable characters.

The expansion will also include some new weapons, cards, and skins. Anyone who picked up the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, or the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition, gets Children of the Worm as part of that. Otherwise, Children of the Worm will be available as a standalone purchase.

The ongoing apocalypse

This new entry marks Back 4 Blood‘s second expansion, following after the Tunnels of Terror DLC expansion that went live in April. The Tunnels added some new Cleaners and special variations of the Ridden to deal with, alongside the Ridden Hives.

With an Act 5 on the way and even more stuff to do, it’s nice to see that Back 4 Blood seems to be getting a steady cadence of post-launch support. It was a pretty good time for co-op at launch, and I really grew to like the card system that Turtle Rock created for this new variation on the co-op PvE survival game. Even if it hit some stumbles out of the gate, Back 4 Blood has kept on rolling on.

And if you like Turtle Rock’s particular brand of PvE, well, it’s a good time. Not only is Back 4 Blood getting some more content, but apparently the servers for Evolve have popped on and players have been dipping a toe back in.

As for the Children of the Worm, the new DLC expansion arrives on August 30 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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