Babylon’s Fall’s death knell is patch notes that just say “end of service”

Babylon’s Fall: born on a Monday, buried on Sunday

Alas, poor Babylon’s Fall. The game has finally fallen down its final flight of stairs. As we reported nearly six months ago, the game’s end of life arrived at the end of February, but folks are just now noticing that the studio published patch notes for it.

Available to peruse publicly on Steam, the Version 1.4.0 patch notes simply state:

  • End of service

The last patch the game hosted was all the way back in November of 2022, where the team reminded players that it would be the final update. Before that the team distributed a launch patch, a minor update shortly after release, and patches in April, May, and July of that same year. The “live service element” of the game essentially lasted from March 2022 until a few months later in early September.

We hardly knew ye, Babylon’s Fall

As someone who actually played¬†Babylon’s Fall from birth (the beta) to death, it’s sad to wonder about what may have been. Had it not been conceived as a live service game, and if the powers that be gave it a bit more time in the oven, it could have been a cool stylized action romp from Platinum. The team could have moved on instead of spending time developing post-launch seasonal content (before or after launch), and a standalone release definitely wouldn’t have scared off so many people from buying in.

Maybe The Suicide Squad game will meet the same fate? Stay tuned!

Chris Carter
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