Azure Striker Gunvolt hits 170,000 downloads on 3DS

Well deserved

The last time we checked in with Azure Striker Gunvolt, Inti Creates managed to peddle 150,000 digital copies on 3DS, but at this point they’ve reached a new milestone — 170,000. When Gunvolt was released it had a pack-in 8-bit game as an incentive which no doubt gave sales a shot in the arm, but it’s great to see that it still has a steadily growing audience.

It’s also a nice built-in audience for the sequel, launching two years after the original, also on 3DS on September 30. It’ll feature two heroes, and this time it’ll have a physical box compliments of Yacht Club Games! I’m glad that this sold well enough to warrant a sequel, as it’s keeping the Mega Man name alive in a way that Mighty No. 9 just can’t.

Gunvolt [Twitter] Thanks Brett!

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