Atlus’ new 3DS title: Mahjong Cub3D

This summer Atlus and Sunsoft are coming together to release a new 3DS title for North America. Mahjong Cub3D is…well, Mahjong in 3D. The 3DS makes 200 puzzles pop out of the screen, and a variant of classic mahjong has you matching tiles on a 3D cube. I guess the name says it all.

There’s three game modes, with a 2-player versus mode included. For versus download play is supported. The new teaser page for the game says that you can spin 3D maps around to match tiles from all sides using the L and R buttons in Cube mode. What makes it hard is that you’re racing against time in this mode. Classic mode looks more my speed, with flat maps piled vertically.

Oh, and there’s Mahjong wallpaper.

Atlus says that Mahjong Cub3D will launch this summer for the 3DS.

Dale North