Atlus is developing Devil Survivor 2 for the DS

I looooooved the first Devil Survivor game, and that’s why I’m happy an enhanced version is coming for the 3DS this summer. Now it looks like this will be an Atlus franchise. A second game has been revealed, and it’s being created for the Nintendo DS.

Famitsu says that this new one is a strategy RPG, just like the last. The story has 13 residents of Japan signing a pact with the Devil to become Devil Messengers. Their duty is to fight off invaders called the Septentrion for seven days to save the world.  There’s still the Demon Auctions, where you can bid for new demons to fight alongside.

Siliconera names the above pictured characters. In the middle we have the protagonist, a third year high school student. Io is on the right, a classmate with brains and beauty. Daichi, left, is a childhood friend of the protagonist. 

Devil Survivor 2 will be released in Japan this summer.

Dale North