Atlus’ Devil Survivor port for 3DS looks pretty

You may have heard that Atlus is bringing DS Devil Survivor back as a 3DS title this year. We heard the news from Japan, but Atlus USA recently confirmed it for a summer 2011 release here. YES. I gave the DS strategy RPG a 9/10, but this port should be even better on that pretty 3DS screen with its new visuals. It’s now fully voiced (yay for higher memory capacity) and offers even more content with a new chapter called “8th Day.” It’s new name? Devil Survivor Overclocked.

Atlus sent along a few screenshots for us to check out. You can see some of the new artwork and upgraded character portraits in them. Above you’ll find their boxart mockup. 

Atlus, if you’re listening, I’d really love a 3DS port of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. That game is too great to not be on the sexy 3DS top screen, and it would benefit from a port even more than Devil Survivor would.

Dale North