Atlus’ Devil Survivor Overclock 3DS game revealed

[Update: The 3DS’ 3D-capable top screen will have demons “flying out” of their information screens, according to Andriasang, as well as support a higher-resolution map, and more space for text and stats. Thanks, Andrew!]

Atlus is supporting the 3DS in the only way it knows how — a videogame with a really long name. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclock is the beastly title in this instance, but if you were hoping for a sequel to the DS’ Devil Survivor, you’re in for a slice of sorrow. It’s a remake. 

Seems a bit rich to remake a DS game on the 3DS, but Overlock will at least feature superior graphics, full voice acting and a brand new episode, “8th Day.”

It would seem that Atlus isn’t very interested in the 3D part of the 3DS either, as all the action takes place on the bottom screen, which is notably free of a third dimension. Battles, spells, cutscenes, it all takes place on the bottom, while the 3D screen is reserved mostly for menus. 

Seriously … what’s the effing point?

It’s Time To Talk About Devil Survivor Overclock For Nintendo 3DS [Siliconera]

Jim Sterling