Artazon gym completion guide Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Artazon gym completion guide Pokemon Scarlet & Violet where to find and how to beat

How to find the grass gym and fight its leader

After you finish the bug type gym in Cortondo, your next stop is Artazon, to take on the grass type leader, Brassius. It’s on the opposite side of the map as the first stop on your Victory Road tour, but we have plenty of screens and instructions to help get you there, and clear it.

Locating the Artazon grass type gym

You’ll find the Artazon grass type gym due east of the academy, at the location directly above. It’s only a few minutes by mount.

To kick off the gym questline here, you’ll need to enter the gym building (in the gallery above), and speak to the front desk NPC.

Beating the Sunflora Hide-and-Seek gym test

After exiting the gym, look directly to the right and talk to the NPC in front of the pen to kick off the Sunflora Hide-and-Seek gym test. Your job is to gather up 10 errant Sunflora in Artazon, then return to the pen. Do not focus on the pen itself: there are no Sunflora in there.

Here’s a quick path to gathering up 10 of them fast:

  • Turn around and exit the pen. Facing away from it, look to the right. There are a collective of three Sunflora there to pick up without any issue
  • Look ahead on the road, facing north: a Sunflora will have an exclamation mark over its head. This indicates that you’ll need to fight it to tame it, and count it as one of your captured Sunflora. Use a fire type to make quick work of it
  • Move down the stairs to the left and into the market area. There is one more Sunflora there running around (fight it), and another laying down in a potted plant
  • Go in the back alley behind that last Sunflora, and you’ll find one hanging about before the staircase
  • Go up said staircase and turn left: there’s another Sunflora in the potted plan next to a seated NPC
  • Turn around and walk over to the garden maze on your left. There’s actually two Sunflora in here. One is sleeping near the entry point, and another is at the very end (go right, then left, then left), also sleeping
  • Go back to the pen with 10 Sunflora on the counter to complete the quest

All of the locations in the gallery above have a little spot on the minimap (lower right-hand corner) to show off exact coordinates, if you need them. You don’t need to take this specific path too: as there are more in other locations.

Artazon gym completion guide Pokemon Scarlet & Violet where to find and how to beat 23

Beating Brassius, the grass gym leader

After the Sunflora Hide-and-Seek is completed, go back to the gym to kick off the fight with Brassius, and earn the bug badge. You will just be battling with Brassius here, who has three Pokemon (there will be no side fights or trainers to deal with).

If you started with Fuecoco, you’re going to have an easy time with the fire element, as grass is weak to it. You can also opt for ice, poison, flying, or bug.

Here are Brassius’ Pokemon (note that he will terastallize his third):

  • Petili (level 16, grass)
  • Smoliv (level 16, grass)
  • Sudowoodo (level 17, rock/grass, terastallized)

Once you down Brassius, you’ll get 3,060 Pokedollars, TM020 (Trailblaze), and the grass badge. Pokemon up to level 30 will be easier to catch and control with two badges. Six more gyms to go!

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