Cortondo gym completion guide Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How to find the bug gym and fight its leader

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may not force you to go for the gym-related path right away, but it might be a good idea to at least head to the Cortondo bug gym first.

It’s extremely close to the hub academy where you’ll complete the tutorial, and depending on your starting Pokemon choice: a very easy thing to conquer and bank XP with.

Locating the Cortondo bug type gym

You’ll find the “delicious smelling” Cortondo bug type gym due west of the academy, at the location directly above. It’s only a few minutes by mount.

To kick off the gym questline here, you’ll need to enter the gym building (in the gallery above), and speak to the front desk NPC.

Beating the Olive Roll gym test

After that, you’ll unlock the gym test. For the Cortondo bug gym, it’s called the “Olive Roll.” You can find it directly northeast of Cortondo itself: just speak to the NPC attendant in front of the field.

The Olive Roll is extremely easy. All you need to do is literally roll the olive “ball” from the starting side to the exact opposite corner. You can roll the olive around and have it jump over fences, but slow and steady pacing will ensure it doesn’t fly around everywhere. Put it in the basket (image help in the gallery above) and you’re done.

Beating Katy, the bug gym leader

Beating Katy, the bug gym leader

After the Olive Roll is completed, go back to the gym to kick off the fight with Katy, and earn the bug badge. You will just be battling with Katy here, who has three Pokemon (there will be no side fights or trainers to deal with).

If you started with Fuecoco, you’re going to have an easy time with the fire element, as bugs are weak to it. You can also opt for rock or flying types. The special free mystery gift Pikachu has a flying ability from the get-go.

Here are Katy’s Pokemon (note that she will terastallize her third):

  • Nymble (level 14, bug)
  • Tarountula (level 14, bug)
  • Teddiursa (level 15, bug with terastallizing)

With six Pokemon in tow, Katy is a very easy gym leader: which is to be expected since she’s the first. You can choose a fire, rock, or flying type and go all-out with terastallizing here. Even if you swap out a terastallized Pokemon for a breather/heal, it will remain terastallized. Use this to your advantage, and save your best strong-to-bug type for her third Pokemon.

Once you down her, you’ll get 2,700 Pokedollars, TM021 (Pounce), and the badge. Pokemon up to level 25 will be easier to catch, and control. Seven more gyms to go!

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