Apollo Justice rated in South Korea, could be coming to 3DS

Will the final verdict be on our side?

For a good while, I kept telling myself that I would play all of the main Ace Attorney games. At the moment, I managed to finish the first two Phoenix Wright titles, so I’m not too far behind in this serious trial.

With Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee listing the fourth game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, as a 3DS title, there’s a slight chance that it could end up on the handheld. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait to see if this news will lead to anything big.

If the game appears on the 3DS, then players will get to own every main Ace Attorney game on one system. Since I fell in love with the cast’s exaggerated actions during the courtroom scenes, I’m hoping that this news will turn into a reality.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney seemingly headed to the Nintendo 3DS [Perfectly Nintendo]

Salvador G-Rodiles