An easy mode was considered for Demon’s Souls PS5, but scrapped

‘We are merely custodians’

Since…2009, when Demon’s Souls was originally released, some players have been asking for an “easy mode” for any given Seki-Souls-Borne, and so far, From Software hasn’t budged.

It’s an interesting topic! I think it’s perfectly okay if a designer’s vision isn’t for everyone, as not every person needs to finish a Souls game. But the concept reared up again with the development process for the Demon’s Souls PS5 remake, when porting studio Bluepoint Games toyed with it.

Speaking to The Washington Post, Bluepoint creative director Gavin Moore (who has been rather chatty this past year!) confirmed that they “discussed an easy mode,” but “ultimately decided it wasn’t [their] place.” Moore says that they were “merely custodians” for the game, and if they added that, it would “fundamentally alter its balance.”

Instead, they opted for accessibility advancements that wouldn’t directly impact the vision of the game, like aesthetic sliders and tips videos that work outside of the confines of gameplay. As Moore observes, Demon’s Souls is “actually very fair,” but the tips clips should help push some players along.

While alternate, optional modes are great, I’m glad that Bluepoint went with their gut here. If From Software decided to add an easy mode that’s one thing; but I bet director Miyazaki and his team would have wanted the PS5 remake to represent the core of the original. To me, it has.

‘Demon’s Souls’ devs considered, and ultimately left out, an easy mode[Washington Post]

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