Amid Evil’s final episode releases this month

Right after E3!

New Blood Interactive has announced that Amid Evil, its upcoming Heretic-inspired first-person shooter, will be heading out of Steam Early Access on June 20, 2019. A trailer going over the final episode broke the news and I’m now salivating at the chance to fully experience this game. If you currently have the Early Access version, you’ll be able to play the final episode a day early on June 19.

While I’ve been eagerly awaiting Amid Evil, I haven’t sat down to play through all six of its prior episodes. I wanted to wait for the final game to come out before I blasted through everything, just like I did in my youth for games like Doom and Quake. I can’t fault New Blood for letting players experience this in pieces (it’s a business model that has worked well for them), but I’ve just wanted the full thing.

Seeing as how my preview of episode seven was glowing, I’m sure the final product will be worth my excruciating wait.

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