Amazon has the Nintendo Switch up for pre-order

And a lot of its launch games

Finally, after close to two years of speculation, we know all the big details about the Nintendo NX Switch. We know how it works, we know its launch lineup, we know its release date, and we know its price. It has been a long road, but we’re finally here.

All that’s left is to get a hold of one of the dang things. Amazon just pushed its Nintendo Switch pre-order page live. Industry buzz is that most retailers have relatively limited supply, so act quickly if you want to reserve one for yourself. Nintendo’s newest is just a few clicks away.

(Update: Amazon just put the individual Joy-Cons up for sale too.)

(Note: If you don’t see it, try refreshing. Also, there “other sellers on Amazon” bar sometimes shows Amazon as the seller.)

Additionally, a lot of the Nintendo Switch launch titles are also available to pre-order on Amazon — all of them with a discount for Prime subscribers.

Nintendo Switch [Amazon]

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