Alright, let’s talk about No Man’s Sky

I mean, if everyone else jumped off a bridge…

Well, shit. Everyone’s talking about No Man’s Sky. Every website has a million No Man’s Sky articles up (including us, admittedly), all the social media sites are filled with interesting No Man’s Sky pictures and videos — so many people have No Man’s Sky on the brain. The Laws of Good Internet Traffic dictate that we have to talk about No Man’s Sky too. (And typing its name five times in the first paragraph seems like it’d be good for SEO if I knew anything about SEO.)

So, we did just that. We woke up bright and early on a Sunday morning (1pm Mountain time) to record a special Podtoid, one that’s all about No Man’s Sky. Listen with bated breath as me, Jordan, and Darren discuss everything about a game that’s functionally-infinite. We loved some, we hated some, and we came to wildly different conclusions about our overall feelings for it. Hey, nobody said this wouldn’t be divisive.

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