All Lore Book collectible locations in Root of Nightmares Destiny 2

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As has become the tradition with Destiny 2 raids, the Root of Nightmares contains some collectible Lore Books. They’re pretty well hidden, and some of them aren’t obtained in the usual manner either. Currently, there are only eight out of the ten collectibles available to collect and Bungie hasn’t yet given more information on when they might become available. For now, we’ve got you covered on the locations for the Lore Book collectibles in Root of Nightmares and we’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as the final two become available.

With Bungie dropping an additional Lightfall mission next season, it’s possible that the final lore books give too much information away, and could be time-gated. Other theories are that they will become available with the Master difficulty version of the Root of Nightmares raid.

When searching for these collectibles they look like small bowls with a green shine to them. They will disappear after you’ve collected them once, so use this guide to show new players how to find them, as you won’t be able to see their location again.

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The first lore book collectible can be found at the entrance to the raid. On the way to the first encounter, drop down and defeat the enemies. You will find the collectible laying in front of Nezarec’s statue.

The second lore book is located between the first and second encounters. Head up the root and into a large room, looking for a door on the right. Head through the door to collect the second lore book.

The third lore book collectible is near some Shadow Legion enemies that have been entombed. As you’re crossing the root before the second encounter it is on the right of the root next to a pillar.

The fourth lore book collectible is during the stairs section near the first hidden chest. It is in a doorway high up on the left.

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The fifth lore book collectible can be found in the jumping puzzle on the way to the final encounter. There is a room with a lot of broken staircases and the collectible is in the rubble.

The sixth lore book collectible is awarded when you open the first hidden chest.

The seventh lore book collectible is given after opening the second hidden chest.

The eighth lore book collectible can be obtained after completing the puzzle and opening the red border chest at the end of the raid.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is out now for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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