All Loporrit tribal quests in FFXIV

All FFXIV Loporrit tribal quests

Making dreams come true

Final Fantasy XIV’s Loporrit tribal quests are available now. This latest tribe is only the second one in the Endwalker expansion, featuring content for crafters to complete. To help you out, here are all of the FFXIV Loporrit tribal quests and how to unlock access to each of them.

All Loporrit tribal quests in FFXIV list

Once you are finally done unlocking the FFXIV Loporrit tribe in the first place, you’ll then have an entire group to progress through. Like the other tribes in the MMORPG, there is a reputation system you have with them.

Completing daily missions from the tribe will offer players reputation points and currency. If you are able to rank up through the various levels of friendship with the Loporrits, you’ll unlock more of the main story quests for the team.

Here are all six of the main story FFXIV Loporrit tribal quests that you’ll find in the game. Read on to find out what rank you need to unlock each respective quest, what you’ll need to do, and what rewards you get from each one.

Since the Loporrits tribe is daily content that evolves over time, be sure to check back for updates to this content.

Must Be Dreaming(way), explained

FFXIV unlock Loporrits tribe quests
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The first quest you can do for the Loporrits is Must Be Dreaming(way). This is also the quest that unlocks the tribe in general. To access this quest, you must first complete the entire Name That Way quest line that culminates in Dream a Little Dream.

Once you finish that quest, you’ll also need to complete the entire Endwalker main story. After both of those requirements are done, head to Old Sharlayan (X:11.7, Y:10.9). Speak with Dreamingway there to begin this quest.

You’ll need a Disciple of the Hand (crafter) job class that is level 80 or higher. This quest is straightforward and involves traveling to Mare Lamentorum, and speaking with other NPCs.

There is a single item you need to craft in the Musicking Station Component. It is a level 80 item that every crafting job can make. You don’t need it to be high-quality so simply craft it as soon as possible.

Here are the rewards for this first Loporrits tribe quest:

  • Experience (relative to your level)
  • 1,255 Gil
  • Friendly Loporrits reputation
  • Way to Go I achievement

The Incredible Machines

All FFXIV Loporrit tribal quests
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The second main story quest in the Loporrits tribe quests is The Incredible Machines. This is a level 80 crafter job quest, with a couple of prerequisites. You’ll need to complete Must Be Dreaming(way) and reach rank four with your Loporrits relationship.

Once you have that ready to go, speak with Dreamingway at Mare Lamentorum (X:17.6, Y:16.2). This quest involves speaking to a few NPCs and crafting a single Machining Supplies item. It is a level 80 item any crafter can make.

Here are the rewards you get:

  • Crafter experience (relative to level)
  • 1,055 Gil
  • Trusted reputation
  • Way to Go II achievement

Too Few Cooks

The Loporrits tribe quests are brand new in patch 6.35, so we will update these other main quests once you are done with them. For now, here is the basic datamined information, FFXIV Console Games Wiki.

Requirements are as follows:

  • The Incredible Machines completion
  • Rank 5 Loporrits reputation

Here are the rewards:

  • Experience
  • 1,215 Gil
  • 3 Calamari Ripieni
  • Respected reputation

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


  • Too Few Cooks completion
  • Rank 6 reputation


  • Experience
  • 1,335 Gil
  • Honored reputation
  • Way to Go III

A Million Malms Away


  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work completion
  • Rank 7 reputation


  • Experience
  • 1,095 Gil
  • Sword reputation
  • Every Which Way achievement

Dreams Come True

This is the final Loporrit tribal quest at this time.


  • A Million Malms Away completion
  • Rank 8 reputation


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