All Fortnite My Hero Academia quests guide – Week 1

All Fortnite My Hero Academia quests guide - Week 1

Dreams can become reality

Epic Games has kicked off its My Hero Academia celebration, which follows other major anime collaborations like Dragon Ball and Naruto. There’s a number of bonuses afoot here, including quests, skins, and even content additions/changes to the island. Here’s how to clear all of the challenges at launch!

Rescue training dummies in the water (6)

All of these are marked on the map when you do the quest (or above, so you can use it as a reference!). They can be found in bodies of water, and are super easy to spot.

Here’s a list of locations where you’ll find them:

  • West of Frenzy Fields
  • Southeast of Faulty Splits
  • Northeast of The Citadel
  • West of The Citadel
  • South of Anvil Square
  • West of Brutal Bastion

Acquire Deku’s Smash (1)

Deku’s Smash is actually an item, akin to the Kamehameha pickup during the Dragon Ball event. You can actually grab them directly through several methods (beyond the obvious of looting enemy corpses):

  • Through All-Might drops, which are similar to supply drops (or the capsules from the Dragon Ball celebration)
  • At a vending machine for 250 gold, in the locations above

Damage opponents with explosives (500)

The two easiest weapons to clear this quest with are the Shockwave Hammer and the Snowball Launcher. Yes, the Shockwave Hammer does count as an explosion when you slam it on the ground.

Both can be looted throughout the island, but the Shockwave Hammer is easy to find in Oathbound Chests.

Time airborne using the Shockwave Hammer (20)

To be clear, this challenge is literally “spend 20 seconds airborne with the Shockwave Hammer.

We have a comprehensive Shockwave Hammer guide here.

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