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The Pokemon series has 18 typings for its more than 1000 Pokemon to date. Of the typings, one of the original and most popular is the Electric-Type. Electric-Type Pokemon make up around 77 entries in the Pokédex. It is also the typing of the series mascot, Pikachu. With such a powerful force in this typing, it can be tough for some to counter it.

After all, Electric-Type Pokemon are some of the most resistant in the series. They have few weaknesses and resist a fair bit of typings at the same time. On the other hand, they are matched by a somewhat low number of Pokemon they are super effective against. In most cases when you face off against an Electric-Type Pokemon, chances are you’ll be in for a neutrally damaging battle.

This is because only a single typing — Ground — is super effective against Electric. That is quite impressive, matched by the fact that only Electric, Grass, Dragon, and Ground are resistant or immune to its attacks. Meanwhile, it takes less damage from Electric, Steel, and Flying. What balances it out is the two lone typings it is dominant against: Water and Flying.

Overall, Electric may not be as powerful as some other typings but it is one of the most balanced. Here are some strategies that you can use to help you out when you are taking on these generally fast and effective Electric foes.

Option 1: Shut down its power with a weakness

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First off, your best option up against an Electric-Type Pokemon is its sole weakness: Ground. If you roll up with a Ground Pokemon, you’ll be able to not only deal some super effective damage against the Electric-Type Pokemon but be immune to any of its Electric attacks.

This means in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, going up against one of the Gym Leader Iono’s Pokemon like Bellibolt means you are better off using a Pokemon like Clodsire. Or even a fellow Electric-Type Pokemon like Sandy Shocks that has Ground moves.

What you’ll need to worry about is that many Electric-Type Pokemon have extremely high Speed stats. This makes them generally go first in battle. While it is possible to try and combat this with a fast Pokemon of your own, few Ground Pokemon are capable of this. Most are quite slow, in fact.

This means that you’ll want a Pokemon that is bulky enough to withstand whatever attacks the Pokemon has so you can knock it out in one hit on the next turn. If you have both Special Attack and Physical Attack moves, even better, as it’s split when it comes to which of the two defensive stats Electric-Type Pokemon generally have.

Option 2: Avoid being a conductor

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The other method of going about taking down an Electric-Type Pokemon is to have something that is able to resist its strengths. Of course, you don’t want anything that is a Water or Flying-Type since those are the only two types that Electric Pokemon can take advantage of with super effective damage.

But you also might want something that resists or is entirely immune to paralysis. This is a frustrating status effect that Electric moves can inflict, which has a decent chance of preventing you from making a move every turn. In this case, you may want to tackle an Electric Pokemon with another Electric if you have a Ground-Type attack or strong neutrally-damaging move.

Electric Pokemon are the only ones immune to paralysis, with the exception of Grass-Types that can avoid some spore-based ones. Alternatively, you could use a Dragon-Type Pokemon since it resists some Electric damage and usually has a wide enough move pool to combat against an Electric Pokemon.

Option 3: Consider its secondary typing

Finally, your last option is to consider the second typing of the Electric-Type Pokemon. Less than half of all Electric-Type Pokemon are single-types. This is one typing that benefits a lot from a secondary one and is quite common. As such, most of the weaknesses and strategies for defeating an Electric-Type Pokemon come from its secondary typing.

Take Pawmot again, for example. Because of its extra Fighting-Type, it is also weak to Psychic and Fairy, in addition to the expected Ground. Or the Violet box art legendary, Miraidon, with its extra weaknesses to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. This opens up the doorway for many more strategies than would normally be possible against a pure Electric-Type Pokemon.

This is especially true when up against a Pokemon like Kilowattrel that is Electric and Flying. That Flying-Type addition means that it is now immune to Ground, which would normally be your go-to super effective typing. Now, you have to plan ahead and use Ice or Rock if you want to take down this swift-moving bird.

As you can see, the Electric-Type Pokemon are quite varied and flexible. You’ll want to keep on your toes and think of all possible scenarios ahead of time, if you want to be dominant in your battles.

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