Alfornada gym completion guide Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Alfornada gym completion guide Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

How to find the psychic gym and fight its leader

You’re nearing the final stretch! Odds are you’ll be taking on the Alfornada near the end of the game, and technically, it’s the seventh (of eight) gym you “should” be taking on if you’re going in order. Here’s where to find the off-the-beaten-path gym and how to take on its leader, Tulip.

As a reminder, we have a full gym order guide here.

Locating the Alfornada psychic type gym

Alfornada is tucked away in the southwest portion of Paldea, high up in the mountains. All you need to do is go southwest into the series of caves that leads up to the town, and run though them (going vertically wherever you can) to reach the town on the summit.

If you need further instructions on how to get to Alfornada, we have a full rundown here.

Beating the Alfornada gym test

Thankfully this one is a little sillier (I was getting tired of the rote tests!): it’s called “Emotional Spectrum Practice,” and basically just involves a quick and easy DDR minigame. Here, the face buttons will match up with the right emotion. When the prompt comes up, you can either mash the button or press it once. It seems nearly impossible to fail, as I didn’t press a few prompts just as a test, and still passed.

If you’re getting tripped up, you can memorize the prompts via the image in the gallery above. Surprise is B (green), excitement (blue) is Y, anger (red) is X, and joy (yellow) is A.

After the exercise, you’ll battle a Gothorita that’s level 43 and a Kirlia that’s also level 43.

That’s followed by another round of the DDR emotion minigame, and a battle with Grumpig (level 43), Indeedee (level 43), and Medicham (level 43). Following this second battle, the test is over.

You will be able to rest at a Pokecenter before you go back inside the gym to trigger the gym battle.

Beating Tulip, the psychic type gym leader

Ghost/Dark is another great way to go when taking on Tulip, and Lokix was my absolute star here. You can find quite a few ghost/dark types in the western part of the Paldea region.

Here are Tulip’s Pokemon (note that they will terastallize their fourth):

  • Farigiraf (level 44, psychic)
  • Gardevoir (level 44, psychic)
  • Espathra (level 44, psychic)
  • Florges (level 45, fairy, terastallized)

Ryme will gift players TM120 (Psychic) and a gym badge after they are defeated.

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