Again?! We all failed the second Pokemon Sun & Moon Global Mission


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Failure is just as sour the second time around, and that’s just what we did, folks — fail.

The first Pokemon Sun and Moon global event tasked players with catching a certain number of ‘mons — 100 million, in fact — and we only managed to grab 16 million. This time things were a little easier, as we all had to collectively scan one million Pokemon, but in the end, we barely managed to clear 660,000.  The good news is that if you participated, you’ll still get your pity reward.

My guess? A lot of folks don’t even know how to access this convoluted system. I know some of the people I play with rarely, if ever have deciphered that lobby area and even check it out on a regular basis. Either Nintendo and Game Freak need to streamline the process by moving the global mission to the Pokemon Center (or make it more obvious where it is), or lower the goals.

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