Additional sunglasses to be added to the Avatar Editor

Major Nelson is a tease. Yesterday afternoon, the Xbox LIVE guru announced the arrival of additional sunglasses to the Avatar editor via his blog. Men and women were said to receive a variety of multi-colored “Shutter Shades.” The men, for whatever reason, will also receive a pair of “Hippy Shades.” Despite the monumental nature of the update, Microsoft has yet to release it.

The delay is unfortunate news. Through research, we’ve learned that three kinds of people wear sunglasses: hip people, freedom fighters jacked into the Matrix, and glaucoma patients. Who wouldn’t want to give their Avatar either of those characteristics through the power of eyewear?

In other news, I uploaded a picture of myself wearing “Pilot” sunglasses. And look, I’m waving! How adorable. (We’ll keep you updated about the glasses.)

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