A recap of January’s promoted Playing With Others Monthly Musings

January’s Monthly Musings were full of funny stories, sad stories, and a few f*cked up stories too. Here’s a recap of all the promoted Playing With Others community blogs:  

We had a solid number of great quality blogs that got promoted. There were some blogs like Archimedes17s and XL1SKAs blogs where they talked about betraying their partner and screwing around with jerks online. Then we have the tear jerker blogs like NeverAnythings and EternalPlayer2345s blogs were they talked about how games brought them friends and closer to loved ones. There were heartwarming blogs like MegaStrykes and Pendelton21s blogs where they talked about how games helped create a stronger relationship with their families.

This month’s theme is Playing With Yourself. This time, we want to hear you talk about the single-player experience, not about how great it is to pleasure yourself. 

Hamza Aziz