A lot of people didn’t want seconds of Madden 10 online

Madden 09 had its share of online exploits. Its follow-up Madden 10, a near overhaul of the series, featured far less. But it didn’t stop over a quarter of a million people from checking out the online component once and never returning.

In a recent conversation with Kotaku, Madden creative direction Ian Cummings said that that an estimated 350,000 Madden 10 users never got beyond their first taste of competitive play. We’re guessing these people got the hurt put on them by a top-tier talent, or just quickly tired of the trickery most veterans are aware of. To be honest, we’ve been making our own blitz schemes in the Nickel to fake out the AI. Sorry if we made you quit. Sad face.

A Number That is Too Large [Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson