DO WANT these Koei Visa Cards: Someone get them for me

They're only available in Japan, so I have no applicable use for them. Nevertheless, my wallet feels naked and empty without a hot Koei Visa card in it. Videogame-themed credit cards seem to be quite popular, with PlayStation and Capcom alr...


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 co-op screens are simply the breast

What I love about the Tecmo Koei merger is that it hasn't dulled the former's commitment to rampant sexism. Bouncing boobs are still in full effect, even if the owner of said boobs happens to be a fourteen-year-old girl. That's misogynistic...


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 GameStop exclusive Collector's Edition

It looks like fancy retailer GameStop has got its claws in yet another exclusive, this time with a collector's edition for Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma for PlayStatation 3. The $69.99 set will include (via GameStop.com):80 page book contain...


Tecmo Koei 'concerned' over motion control, Project Natal

While many within the game industry praise the motion control fad as some sort of brave and amazing new future, Tecmo Koei remains slightly more cynical in its excitement, doubting the appeal of Sony's motion wand and Microsoft's Project Na...


Tecmo Koei wants fresh IP in Europe

The merger between Tecmo and Koei brought about one interesting new development that I hadn't been expecting -- a fresh and rather large interest in Europe. The newly formed Tecmo Koei Europe is looking to become a powerful force in the PAL...


Tecmo Koei: Please drop the PS3 price!

It seems that the backlash against the PlayStation 3's high price is continuing to resonate across the industry, as CEO of the newly formed Tecmo Koei has joined Activision in voicing his desire for a PS3 price cut. Kenji Matsubara claims t...


Undead Knights comic features zero zombies, two boobs

You've got to love Tecmo. Not only does the publisher know how to play to its strengths, but it's also completely shameless. The publisher sent out an email update today, covering two of its upcoming titles -- Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma for the P...


Why doesn't Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 have as much blood n' guts?

To the anguish of splatter fans, it has been noted in the past that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2's gore has been considerably toned down when compared to the original Xbox 360 release of Ninja Gaiden 2. Quite why the title, which is still M-rated, ...


NG Sigma 2: 14-year-old has huge boobs, new face

Koei Warriors had a recent chat with Team Ninja about Koei Tecmo's first official videogame, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. The PS3 exclusive is a reworking of the original Ninja Gaiden 2, with extra features and new playable characters, including t...


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is Koei Tecmo's first official game

Koei Tecmo Holdings is, as of today, a fully merged company. The final dotted lines have been signed, and the two firms are now a lawfully wedded couple. Koei Europe has just issued a press release stating that it will henceforth be known a...


Things made out of paper should not be this awesome

Duuuuuuude. Sweeeeeeeet.I want to say something more insightful about this completely amazing Ninja Gaiden papercraft, but I have neither the patience, time or manual dextirity to actually do any papercraft of my own and thus only know that...


Slammin' riffs: Tecmo bringing Fret Nice to XBLA, PSN

I'm really glad that ultra-niche gaming blogs like Offworld and SiliconEra exist -- without the Spencer Yips and Brandon Boyers of the world, I would never know that Tecmo acquired the rights to bring Pieces Interactive's Fret Nice to Xbox ...


Koei Tecmo working on its first crossover game

It was inevitable, but the news still excites me greatly. It has been revealed that the freshly merged Koei Tecmo corporation is working on a crossover title, bringing together games from the previously split companies to create something n...


E3 09: First look at Quantum

Tecmo is not known for its shooters, but the company is hoping that Quantum will get to change all that. Quantum is Tecmo's first third-person shooting game, and the alpha build I saw on the E3 showfloor seems to hold quite a bit of promise...


E3 09: Hands-on with Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma

I got to swing by Tecmo yesterday to get some hands-on impressions of Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, the PS3 version of 2008's Xbox 360 title. As with the previous Sigma title, NG2S will come with new features, which includes extra characters, weap...


E3 09: Tecmo's 2009 lineup has ninjas, musical platforming

Tecmo just announced their 2009/2010 lineup, and while some of it is either unsurprising or disappointing (Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the PS3 and Family Fun Football for the Wii, respectively), a couple of games caught my eye more than the othe...


More Ninja Gaiden on the way? You bet

Tomonobu Itagaki's departure from Team Ninja (and also his legal action towards Tecmo) certainly dampened the hopes of any fans hoping for more Ninja Gaiden games -- especially when Itagaki clearly said he would never create another one. Of...


Koei? Tecmo? Call us Kotec

You can't have a merger without a catchy nickname for your new enterprise. Squeenix, ActiBlizz, they're all at it. With Tecmo and Koei finally bedding and creating a monstrous empire of boobs and Chinese warlords, they too need a new monike...


What the hell is going on with Fatal Frame for the Wii?

Waiting with bated breath for Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse? Me too -- the Fatal Frame series is one of my very favorites. Considering the the game has been out in Japan since last July, US fans are starting to wonder what's up. Is...


Tecmo's greatest thing ever is... Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Remember the "greatest '_____' game, ever" teased by Tecmo? The one they'd reveal on March 24? Well, the jig is up -- it's Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the PlayStation 3. Sure, we already knew about the game, thanks to Famitsu. But to...


Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 revealed by Famitsu

Don't tell me you didn't see this one coming.As was the case for Ninja Gaiden, so too will Ninja Gaiden 2 make it to the PlayStation 3, this time in the form of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. This grand news comes to us by way of the latest issue of...


TGS 08 leftovers: Tecmo's dancing cowgirl cheerleaders

[video]108169:569[/video] Tecmo throws a damned good party. The above video does a pretty good job of showing that. Faithful Destructoid readers might remember our totally tasteless Tokyo Game Show 2007 press party coverage from last year. ...


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