Skate 3 trailer has got the eyes of a panther

Hopefully, by now you've had a chance to check out my preview on Skate 3. Looks to be a fairly solid entry into the series, one fans are surely going to get a kick out of come next May. Anyway, here's the trailer for the game. Looks like S...


Teaming up and throwing down with Skate 3

It's funny looking back on the old battle between skateboarding videogames. Ever since the original Tony Hawk, plenty of skateboarding games have come and gone, and other than the eternal old bird itself, not many of them have lived to see ...


Skate 3 announced for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

To no real surprise, Electronic Arts has announced that Black Box-developed Skate 3 will ship for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in May of 2010. This time the game has a focus on cooperative play, the game's tag-line "Team Up. Throw Down." Ska...


World in shock at mention of upcoming Skate sequel

No surprises here, but it looks like Electronic Arts is working on -- or at least thinking about -- a new game in the Skate franchise. One of the dudes over at skateboarding Web site Epicly Strife dropped some info on the new hot place to s...


Skate 2 'Maloof Money Cup Pack' available on July 9

Today, Electronic Arts announced that on July 9, you’ll be able to download the “Maloof Money Cup Pack” for Skate 2. I’ll admit, I don’t know what the hell the Maloof Money Cup is, but according to EA, it&rsquo...


Skate 2 patch available today, fixes a lot of stuff

A beefy (and kickin’ rad) patch is now available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of EA Black Box’s Skate 2. The list of fixes, tweaks, and improvements is so large I had to include it post-jump. Below are a few of th...


Destructoid review: Skate 2

Back in August, Dyson gave us a hands-on preview of Skate 2 that summed up the new additions to the series fairly well, and so I invite you to sit down by the campfire, and let me tell you in grand detail how the game pans out.Now, before w...


Skate 2 ships tomorrow, so check out this commercial

We’ve all been waiting for Skate 2 for a long time. Ever since the original skate. revolutionized skateboarding videogames back in 2007, gamers have been looking forward to a bigger, better, and more badass sequel. Oh, wait ... that...


Here are some new Skate 2 screens, but where's my meat?

Electronic Arts has sent us some new Skate 2 screens, no doubt getting us amped up for the game's January 21 release. We get new screenshots. Stephen Totilo at MTV Multiplayer, on the other hand, the dude gets steaks. Yes, EA sent Totilo tw...


Skate 2 demo coming, insert horrible skate trick pun here

EA Black Box's Skate 2 hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 sooner rather than later -- January 21 to be exact. It looks like a demo for the game is coming even sooner, at least on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. According to an official Xbo...


EA wishes us happy holidays with ten new Skate 2 screens

With Skate 2's release right around the corner, Electronic Arts is making sure we don't forget by wishing us a happy holiday with some new Skate 2 screenshots. Actually, what EA PR are calling it is a "screens blowout." Now, when ...


Skate 2 kickflips its way to retail on January 23

Wow, OK. So Skate 2, the sequel to Electronic Arts' genre-reinventing skateboarding title is coming out soon. Like, January 23 soon. If you can't wait, starting next month, you'll be able to use a web-based Graphics Creator tool at www...


This Skate 2 video has more walking than actual skating

[video]105587:447[/video]Not being able to walk in the original Skate was a major pain in the ass, but as evidenced in the video above, EA Black Box is more than making up for it in Skate 2. Not only will you be able to maneuver freely on f...


Hands-on with Skate 2

[video]98216:121[/video]Just the other day, it seemed EA Black Box came out with Skate. I remember playing it not all that long ago, and being pretty impressed by the analog only controls. I was a fan of the first few Tony Hawk's, but it wa...


Rumortoid: Skate coming to Nintendo DS and Wii

Earlier today, IGN dropped the news that Electronic Arts will be bringing the Skate franchise to the Nintendo DS and Wii. Called Skate It!, the game will ... oh, wait! IGN weren't supoosed to tell the world about it just yet. Oops!The artic...


Game Debate to the Death!
Best wrestling game ever?

Last week's Dtoid boot camp debate was a skating showdown between any Tony Hawk game of your choosing versus the recently released Skate. The votes were overwhelming and together we came to a clear conclusion. Here are the results:Any Tony ...


Game Debate to the Death! Tony Hawk VS Skate

The last debate kicked off Dtoid boot camp and over one hundred votes were cast when I asked what the best football video game of all time was. Not only was a clear winner decided by our votes, but we even get to see the outcome of the whol...


EA wants you to keep your money, offering no DLC for Skate

We know that sometimes that Electronic Arts gets a bad rap, and some people  steadfastly refuse to look twice at their games without a nasty sneer. We here at Destructoid just like to play good games, not blinded by such elitist notion...


Destructoid review: skate.

The sub-genre of sports games devoted to skateboarding has changed drastically since its debut. Originally, titles such as Thrasher and Skate Or Die portrayed skateboarding as a cliché-ridden MTV-friendly adventure where one could ...


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