Hudson's Tower of Shadow looks amazing, reminds of Ico

Hudson Japan's teaser page for Kagenotou doesn't give us much to go on. We know it's a Wii game, something Hudson calls a "shadow action adventure" in their link text.It seems that the shadow of a boy is trying to ascend a tower. ...


Hudson's Calling announced for North America

Hudson Entertainment’s Calling is real and it will be coming to North America. Earlier this afternoon, Hudson officially announced that the Wii-exclusive survival title would be making the jump across the pond at some point in Spring ...


It's real! Hudson officially announces The Calling for Wii

A few months back, promising-looking footage for a horror game called The Calling popped up on YouTube. It was ripped down rather swiftly, however, and Hudson claimed that while the game was a real one they were working on, that the footage...


Hudson swag contest winners GET! (Update)

You people are crazy. We asked you to show us your favorite pictures from the Internet and we got over 500 comments full of submissions. Seriously. Crazy. All of you. Here are the winners: nademagnet, electro lemon, CWal37, Snow Squall and ...


Bomberman Ultra is coming soon to a PlayStation 3 near you

Bomberman (specifically, Super Bomberman 2) has always been my go-to game for competitive multiplayer gaming with friends. That was until Bomberman LIVE came out, and I could finally be a complete ass to everyone online to the point where n...


Bang Bang Kids is a horrible name for a game

Yup, Bang Bang Kids is a real WiiWare title and it's sure to make Chad Concelmo and Colette Bennett pee themselves with laughter on the next RetroforceGO! So the name is pretty bad, right? Well it gets worse. Bang Bang Kids is a game about ...


Win stuff from Hudson to celebrate Help Wanted!

I know, I'm contest crazy. I won't stop giving you people free swag. What I can say? I like you guys. I also like to give away stuff. This week, I have twelve swag packs courtesy of Hudson to celebrate the release of Help Wanted, which incl...


Check out new screens and art for Hudson's Help Wanted

I've been interested in Help Wanted ever since Hamza's preview of the title, which taught me that the game was actually about taking on weird jobs in order to earn money so you can buy items from the Home Shopping Network. The items you buy...


Preview: Diner Dash (Xbox 360)

Anyone with a general awareness of casual games has likely heard of or seen Diner Dash, Playfirst's popular restaurant management title that's spawned everything from Wedding Dash to Cooking Dash in its wake. Without ever having played thes...


Konami Gamer's Night recap

I have to say, I just love my job here at Destructoid. I get to go to swanky events, play games long before they hit store shelves and get awesome swag like vials of period blood. Blogging is a hard job, but someone has to do it. The front ...


Miami Law bringing down the law to the DS

Miami Law is the story of Miami PD's Martin Law and the FBI's Sara Starling. Something bad is going down and only they can save the day. You can play as either character and events will play out differently depending on who you play as thro...


Preview: Help Wanted

Last year, I played a game called Pit Crew Panic! from Hudson. It was a very weird and funky game, and I believed at the time that it would be the weirdest game Hudson would ever make. Turns out I was wrong in that assumption.Enter Help Wan...


Preview: Deca Sports 2

Hudson surprised us all and had a little setup at the Konami Gamer’s Day last week, where it was showing off three of its upcoming games. Well, I should say they had over 12 games if you want to count all ten new games appearing in De...


NY Comic Con: Marble Saga: Kororinpa impressions

I totally missed out on the original Kororinpa. Every time I asked for it in stores, I stupidly called it "Cornucopia: Marble Madness" because I couldn't remember what it was really called. Now the game has been permanently recall...


Hudson threatened by wannabe Bomberman

A Japanese man has been arrested for a most ironic crime -- threatening to blow up Bomberman developer Hudson. 29-year-old Takao Ike was apparently so dismayed at the recent quality of Hudson titles, he felt the only way to get some good ga...


Help Wanted screens give new meaning to 'odd job'

The job-working sim Help Wanted is probably the first Wii minigame collection I've looked forward to. And these new screens show more of the 50 jobs you can have in this game.In Help Wanted, you not just working for cash. While you can use ...


This Fishing Master World Tour's music is my new jam

[video]114720:877[/video]Around the Destructoid office, the Wii and its motion controls are always a hot topic. We had a very lengthy discussion (read: argument) a few days back concerning the controls, with the topic centered around how ha...


Preview: Fishing Master World Tour -- FISH ON!

Fishing Master World Tour is the sequel to Hudson’s original Fishing Master that came out last year. In Fishing Master, players will fight against mutant alien fishes that are trying to conquer the world. OK, so that doesn’t act...


Preview: Marble Saga: Kororinpa

Marble Saga: Kororinpa is the sequel to last year’s Kororinpa: Marble Mania for the Wii. In Marble Saga, players will tilt the world with the Wiimote to get their marble to the end of the level and collect diamonds along the way. So...


Preview: Pit Crew Panic!

Pit Crew Panic! is weird. Like, really weird. The game centers on you controlling an all female pit crew team as you have to repair the most random sh*t ever. Cars with cakes as engines, the Golden Gate Bridge, giant toilets, potted plants,...


Preview: Bomberman Ultra

Bomberman holds a special place in the heart of Dtoiders. Not only has the Bomberman franchise always been a fun game to play, but the XBLA, and soon to be PSN version of the game, feature Mr. Destructoid as a playable character. Pretty imp...


Preview: Snowboard Riot

If you’re like me, then you’ll probably find most extreme sports to be, well, boring. I’m in no way saying that the people that perform in these sports are talentless, as it takes a lot of skill to do what they do. It just...


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