63% of console owners think firmware turns on 3D

It turns out that nobody knows anything about 3D. Research firm Interpret’s findings from an online survey on 3D tech shows exactly that, and it also shows that not many are interested in going past the second dimension for games and movies. 

One of the most surprising figures from the survey relates to gamers: It turns out that 63 percent of console owners think that only a firmware update is needed to enable 3D in their homes, like a magic switch or something. Come on, gamers. We’re supposed to be the smart ones! I would hope that none of those 63 percent are Destructoid readers. I’m sure our readers are smart enough to know that you’ll need a proper console, a proper 3D-enabled television and most likely some 3D glasses and 3D media.

Another bit from Interpret’s poll also relates to gamers: Somehow 83 percent of consumers think that all 3D requires the silly glasses. Really, folks? If this is the case, Nintendo really needs to get to work to let the consumers know that their lovely 3DS system is glasses-free. 

Beyond this lack of education one thing is for sure: We’re not ready for 3D yet. Only 13 percent of those surveyed are in the market to shop for a 3D-ready television, says Gamasutra. Another 10 percent said that they will definitely not buy a 3D set.

Dale North