3DS sales surge in Japan upon release of Pokemon Sun and Moon

Almost as many sales as there are Pokemon

In case you hadn’t heard, Pokémon is still a thing, a big thing, and it doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum at all. Media Create Sales reports that nearly 1.6 million copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon have sold in Japan alone. Other reports have that number over 1.9 million already.  That’s over ten times as many copies as the second most sold game this past week, which oh by the way happens to be Pokémon Sun and Moon Double Pack, sitting at around 150,000 copies moved.

This Pokécraze is no doubt the biggest factor in the surge of New Nintendo 3DS XL sales in Japan, which are up from 20,000 last week to over 81,000 this week, taking the top spot in hardware. In fact all versions of the 3DS saw in increase an sales. The 2DS and New 3DS more than doubled their sales from last week.

This is not new however. Back in 2013, Pokémon X & Y reportedly sold over two million copies in it’s first week, at the time more than doubling the prior week’s 3DS sales from 117,000 to 242,000. Makes me wonder if people are buying 3DS’s to play Pokémon then selling them until a new one comes out again. Or perhaps they really like those special edition consoles.

Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare,  Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, Battlefield 1, and Skyrim: Special Edition round out the top five (excluding multiple versions of the same games).

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