3DS RPG Heroes of Ruin trailer shows co-op, land sharks

Square Enix has some good ol’ multiplayer RPGing upcoming up with 3DS game Heroes of Ruin. I got to check it out at E3 and I thought it looked nice. I think it’s going to be one of the first multiplayer games for 3DS that I’ll get into. 

If you want a better idea of what to expect this new trailer does a nice job. You’ll see what combat looks like, and you’ll get a feel for the world and enemies. I did the shark with legs. I know our own Hamza Aziz would also be pleased. There’s some quick teases showing what the game’s bosses look like. 

This trailer also covers the title’s seamless jump-in/jump-out cooperative play, which supports four people. You’ll be able to strategize over the 3DS mic if you wish. 

Add in the StreetPass treasure trading functionality and new challenges added daily and you’ll something new and original for the 3DS. New and original content can’t come soon enough.

Dale North