3DS: Pac-Man and Galaga get tilt controls

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I don’t mind flipping my controllers about, but I don’t love doing it with game systems. I hate doing it with my iPhone accelerometer-based games, and I’m sure I’m going to hate it on the 3DS. I suppose I can let up for some Namco classics like Pac-Man and Galaga, though. 

Both franchises will come to the Nintendo 3DS with tilt control. They come in a combo cart called Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, says Famitsu. You’ll look like a dummy rolling your controller around for side-scrolling action in Pac-Man Tilt. The stage actually tilts, and not Pac-Man himself. Galaga gets revamped as a 3D shooter in Galaga 3D Impact, where you’ll tilt your 3DS to change the view, and then pew pew pew.

Andriasang says that there’s not a release date for this two-pack yet.

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