3DS launch plans revealed January 19

Usually I’m not into these “announcement of an announcement” stories, but this one’s suitably big and you could do with fair warning. So mark the date and mark it well, for on January 19, Nintendo is going to be in Amsterdam to reveal its launch plans for the 3DS. 

The release date, price and lineup of launch titles are all set to be revealed. So far we know that Japan will be getting the system on February 26 for ¥25,000, with a rough March date in North America. Amsterdam’s the perfect place for the European date, and presumably that’s when we’ll get a solid North American one too. 

The 3DS is looking set to be the first big “thing” of 2011, and I’m certainly pumped for it. Have you played with that thing yet? It’s like magic!

Euro 3DS announcement next month [MCV]

Jim Sterling