3DS eye strain warnings to protect against lawsuits

Nintendo recently warned that the 3DS could potentially have damaging effects on young eyes after prolonged use. Experts, however, expressed confusion at the warning, saying it wasn’t needed. Now Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has made it clear — it’s all about covering your ass.

Iwata told the Japanese Wall Street Journal that the 3DS is not dangerous, but that warnings are being issued so that consumers are adequately informed and the platform holder is protected from potential lawsuits. This means some ignorant soccer mom can’t sue Nintendo if her stupid kid puts dogshit in his eye and goes blind. 

This is hardly surprising. We live in a world where peanut packages have “may contain peanuts” on the bag in a desperate attempt to avoid going to court. Nintendo would be foolish not to have an eye strain warning on the box. I am almost certain someone in America will try to sue Nintendo over the 3DS when it launches, but at least the company’s covered. 

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James Stephanie Sterling