343 Industries: ‘Gearbox is NOT working on a Halo title’

For awhile, rumors have been kicking around that Gearbox Software was working on an upcoming Halo title for Microsoft. While both Microsoft and Gearbox have been relatively quiet on the matter, a recent interview with Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford led to renewed speculation.

In the interview with Eurogamer, Pitchford refuses to comment directly when asked if the developer was working on a Halo title. In fact, the entire exchange was so shady and awkward, with a PR handler stepping in to to say “We can’t comment on that,” that people thought there must be some truth to it. 

Today, Microsoft’s internal Halo division 343 Industries, stepped in to clear the air. 

“For the record, Gearbox is NOT working on a Halo title for Microsoft,” 343 said via its official Halo Waypoint Twitter account

While that seems pretty straight forward, we have a feeling this won’t end the speculation and rumors. So have it in the comments — what high-profile project do you think Gearbox is working on, if not Halo for Microsoft?

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