The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II finally has a release date

Looking forward to a reboot of an iconic Call of Duty title

Fans of the Call of Duty series expect a new game every year, but there’s always plenty of hype when the new release dates start rolling around. That’s at least the case for me, maybe because I’m still a baby CoD fan, because I’m pumped to try out the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, especially now that it has a release date. They’re really building the suspense on this one — first the logo reveal last month, now the art reveal, and then some potential new announcements teased for the future.

The Call of Duty Twitter officially revealed the next franchise entry’s release date this morning: October 28, 2022. Along with that info, we also got a short video showing off the art for some of the game’s characters, which includes a return of Task Force 141, who were also principal characters in the original Modern Warfare 2. We also caught a glimpse of a mysterious numbered sequence that reads “J-8-22” at around the 44-second mark, which just might be an important date for fans to look forward to.

This title is actually a reboot sequel of the 2009 game with the exact same name, something that has caused a few fans (including myself) a bit of confusion this time around. Modern Warfare II is truly a beloved title in Call of Duty history, so it makes a lot of sense that Activision would want to bring it back for another go-around. We got some really iconic missions from that game, like “Wolverines!” and “Cliffhanger,” so here’s hoping we get to see some other really memorable adventures this time around, too.

I personally love a good sniper mission, but something I always look forward to in a good CoD campaign is those larger-than-life set pieces. Here’s hoping that Infinity Ward can deliver this time around, and revamp the series in a way we’ve needed in the past few years.

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