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10 Disney locations that would fit perfectly in Disney Speedstorm

Many magical worlds to draw from

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The wonderful world of Disney has many different locations throughout a century of history, and some memorable Disney Speedstorm tracks that can be made from them. We already have the legendary Steamboat Willie cartoon, Hercules’ Olympus, and Mulan‘s China included in the kart racer. However, there are many other films that developer Gameloft can draw from. Here are some amazing Disney locations that would fit as perfect Disney Speedstorm tracks.

101 Dalmatians – London

101 Dalmatians London
Screenshot via Walt Disney Studios’ YouTube Channel

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has already proved London can be a spectacular location for a track, so it would be great to see Disney Speedstorm‘s take on it. You can have the bustling city become an obstacle itself with double-decker buses and black London cabs in the way. With a watercolor art style over the city’s landscape, it could really pop as you gaze at the red phone boxes, Buckingham Palace, and, of course, Elizabeth Tower (commonly but incorrectly known as Big Ben, which is actually the bell inside). You could also see the Dalmatians scurrying down the sidewalks as Cruella De Vil’s henchmen chase after them. There’s a lot you could do with this British city as your inspiration.

Aladdin – Agrabah

Agrabah Disney Speedstorm
Screenshot by Destructoid

The beautiful city of Agrabah would look fantastic in Disney Speedstorm as a track. You could have our favorite Disney characters toiling through the sand, jumping on bumpy desert land, and then sweeping into the busy market streets of the city. The glorious palace would gleam in the sunlight. It would likely look much better than the above picture from Kingdom HeartsThe music of this track could be amazing too with electronic remixes of “One Jump Ahead,” “Prince Ali,” and “A Whole New World.”

Cars – Radiator Springs

Radiator Springs Disney Speedstorm
Screenshot via Pixar Cars’ YouTube Channel

It’s astonishing that neither a Radiator Springs track nor a Cars character is featured in Disney Speedstorm. It makes so much sense. Going down the main street of Radiator Springs would be a thrill for fans of the series as you see the Route 66 town come to life. There’s also the drift-heavy side track that Lightning trains at in the original film. You’ll learn quickly you have to drift right to go left, to reference the film. The mountainous setting would look stunning to players, making it one of the best Disney Speedstorm tracks you could think of.

Coco – Land of the Dead

Coco Land of the Dead
Image via Disney

Coco‘s Land of the Dead would make for a stunning Disney Speedstorm track. You have gorgeous Mexican imagery and architecture to draw from. This would be a rare track that’s set during the night, making the colorful lighting truly stand out. You could even form it up like Mario Kart‘s Rainbow Road, in which you can see the beautiful scenery from a bird’s eye view. The music would be a no-brainer with spirited Mexican-influenced music from the film and the culture itself.

Disney World

Disney World Disney Speedstorm
Image by stinne24 from Pixabay

One out-of-the-box Disney Speedstorm track would be Disney World itself. You could chase down Main Street USA, race around the wonderful Cinderella Castle, enter themed areas like the Haunted Mansion, and then work your way to the sci-fi area Tomorrowland. You could see references to the popular attractions of Disney World and emphasize the characters you see around the parks, like in Disneyland Adventures. We already have Figment in the character roster, so let’s see his place of origin Disney World in the game.

Luca – Portorosso

Luca Disney Speedstorm
Image via Disney

The film Luca is so pretty. The vibrant colors, the beautiful sea, and the attention to detail in Italian culture are brilliant. Driving through the narrow passages of Portorosso would be thrilling. Speeding through the farmlands would establish a new setting for Disney Speedstorm. Lastly, a beach section would transport us to the Italian Riviera.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs – The Woodlands

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Disney Speedstorm
Screenshot by Destructoid

Walt Disney’s first cartoon for his own company, Steamboat Willie, is a featured track in Disney Speedstorm, so it would only make sense to have Disney’s first-ever feature film in the game as well. You’d encounter a grand forest with stumps as obstacles and scary trees around every corner. You’d see a more cheerful part of the area too with bright flowers and the cottage shown in the above picture from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I’m wondering what a remix of “Heigh-Ho” sounds like. “It’s home from work you go,” Gameloft.

Tangled – The Kingdom of Corona

Tangled Disney Speedstorm
Image via Disney and Square Enix

This Disney Speedstorm tracks wishlist wouldn’t be complete without Tangled‘s Kingdom of Corona. The film and its interpretation in Kingdom Hearts 3 is blissful. There are outstanding set pieces like Rapunzel’s Tower and the magnificent royal castle within a busy, yet friendly town. Similar to Snow White‘s setting, there’s a dense forest where you can set Disney Speedstorm‘s racing, and you could have ramp-like hills within the wilderness. Heck, you could even set the race around the iconic lantern scene in Tangled when Rapunzel and Flynn sang “I See The Light.”

Toy Story – Andy’s Room

Andy's Room Disney Speedstorm Toy Story
Screenshot by Destructoid

A track based on Andy’s room or perhaps his entire house would be one of the best Disney Speedstorm tracks. It could be deeply inspired by Hot Wheels Unleashed or if you want to go way back, Micro Machines. You’d be a small toy-sized kart in a human-sized room, avoiding marbles blocking your way or going over Hot Wheels loop-de-loops. There’s a lot of inspiration Gameloft could take from Toy Story and the two games I just mentioned.

The Princess and the Frog – The Swamp

The Princess and the Frog Swamp Disney Speedstorm
Screenshot via Disney Princess’ YouTube Channel

Speaking of gigantic environments, the Swamp from The Princess and the Frog would be one of the standout Disney Speedstorm tracks. Fireflies could light the pathway as you hop across leaves on ponds. Mama Odie’s tree could be a centerpiece as you race your way around the water. It would be a unique setting that no other popular Disney property could deliver. Disney is building over the former Splash Mountain with a Princess and the Frog makeover, so maybe it will gain more fame. If that’s the case, we could see Princess and the Frog in Disney Speedstorm. 

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