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Project Cafe to be named 'Stream'?

Apr 21
// Tony Ponce
From "Wii" to "Stream," eh? One-track mind, Nintendo, one-track mind. Other new rumors from the IGN party van include: Could retail between $350 and $400. Being manufactured in Taiwan. Could ship as early as this October. Will be based on a version of AMD's R700 GPU architecture, not on Fusion. Will definitely output in HD (phew!). Mmmmm! Delicious speculation!

Old and new Sonic have reconciled their differences...

Apr 11
// Tony Ponce
... and found love on the battlefield. "Modern x Classic Quickie" by SEGAMew [DeviantART]

Top 12 Videogame porno parodies (NSFW)

Nov 11
// Handy
[Editor's note: Hey look! We're promoting blogs again. Feels good, man. Here's a sick filthy article from Handy. What a pervert. -- CTZ] Videogames get a bad rep. We’ve already talked a thousand times about how they do...

Celebrate New Year's with Bayonetta and Playboy

Dec 15
// Hamza CTZ Aziz
Sega and Playboy have teamed up to send a couple of Bayonetta fans to Playboy Chicago and ring in the New Year with Playmates! The lucky winners will get the chance to play Bayonetta at the event or go party it up with Playbo...


E3 09: Bona fide booth babes touching my face video recap

Jun 09
// Jonathan Holmes
I went to E3 to learn about videogames, and I did, but by the end of the show, I had also learned a whole hell of a lot about women. While hoofing it around the show floor, it seemed to me like there were actually more women ...

15 months in jail for porn and videogames

Aug 27
// Jim Sterling
A Bristol man has won himself fifteen months of prison for a stockpile of pirated videogames, movies and delicious pornography. 51-year-old Gary Boulter of Thornbury was found guilty of running a copying "factory" i...

Porn and Halo 3 file sharing

Jul 21
// Brad Nicholson
The depth of depravity on the Internet rarely surprises me anymore. What does surprise me is when vice slips through a seemingly secure system. Today, HushedCasket stumbled upon something particularly odd on Halo 3’s fi...

Age of Conan gets a hardcore remake: now with 100 percent more boning!

May 26
// Colette Bennett
Porn is great for many reasons, but infinitely better than the sexiest all-star cast ever is parody porn, which is so painfully ridiculous that it renders it useless for mastubatory purposes but makes up for it with belly lau...

Jack Thompson sends gay porn to judge, doesn't even buy dinner first

Sep 26
// David Houghton
My friends, it's almost time to start popping champagne corks, for the glorious day must surely be soon upon us when Jack Thompson's legal career is curb-stomped savagely into a fine red mist. For quite some time now things h...

Filthy upskirt action in PS3 golf game

Aug 02
// Jim Sterling
The utter depravity of man consistently abhors me to the point of vomiting, I hope you all understand. I am sickened daily by perverse imagery that finds itself downloaded onto my hard drive through sheer magic and no conscio...

Primitive NES porn pulls in thousands of dollars

Jul 17
// Dale North
A well worn, horny, illegally made cartridge of a Famicom game called Super Maruo was sold on Yahoo! Japan's Auction site. The game was quickly snapped up by a pervy collector for the price of 499,000 yen (4,100 dollars) ...

Ivy puts her back into it

Jul 09
// Dale North
Fair Warning: This video would, in no way, be considered 'safe for work'. Also, even within 'safe' boundaries, you might want to turn the sound down. This video feels very timely. It may have something to d...

First all-female beach opens in Italy, Lara Croft is there

Jun 27
// Nick Chester
Make vacation plans accordingly -- the world's first women-only beach, "Pink Beach," has recently opened in the Riccione resort, located in Rimini, Italy. In attendance for the grand opening was Tomb Raider spok...

Two new mouthwatering screenshots of Project Offset

Apr 23
// Niero Desu
After nearly a year of little to no updates, it would appear that the first-person fantasy Project Offset would be lost in the vaporware chasm of power-hungry software, forever ill-suited for a common man's gaming rig. N...

Harry Potter is all growns up, not Jewish

Apr 12
// William Haley
As the Harry Potter books become darker and darker, one question repeats itself in many a fan's mind: When will Hermione get naked? Due to the fact that she's leaving the series early to "focus on other projects...

When Hustler calls

Apr 01
// Colette Bennett
Today is a sad, yet joyful day. It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation at Destructoid. I never thought the day would come, but I'm proud to announce that I have been hand selected by Larry Flynt himself to ...

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