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New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus trailers are pretty and uninformative

Dec 23
Let's go ahead and get this out of the way: the Final Fantasy series might be a sinking ship (or maybe not), but I'm a fan. There I said it. I love Final Fantasy, despite its (many) flaws.Jump Festa 2009 -- the annual conve... read

Atlus sends out the best contest letters ever

Jul 22
The Etrian Odyssey II MEGA-Contest we partnered with Atlus on came and went. Prizes were handed out, and good times were had. And yes, I'm totally over the jealous fit I went through over the prize load. Working at Destructo... read

Gears of War 2 scans show off new characters

May 28
Got a couple of magazine scans for Gears of War 2 here, courtesy of the fine folks at Jeux France. There's not a huge deal that will set the world alight, but of use to Gearheads will be the inclusion of artwork for two new h... read

New Resident Evil 5 scans are MORE RACIST THAN EVER!

May 14
Actually, they are not racist at all. Sorry for the false alarm.What they are, though, is awesome. I have to say, I am loving the look of Resident Evil 5 the more I see of it. I love the character design. I love... read

Final Fantasy XIII and Versus scans have a clown dog in them

Jan 20
As Square Enix continues to develop its upcoming multi-release cash cow, some new images and not-so new details have surfaced of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Secured from the denizens of NeoGAF, we n... read

Smash Bros Brawl's Japanese Instruction Booklet hits the Internet?

Jan 18
Well, we had to expect that this to would happen. Super Smash Bros Brawl, now set for release in Japan on Jan. 31st, has suffered it's first leak of physical evidence of proving it's actual, factual existence. Super Smash Bro... read

First look: New Street Fighter IV character Crimson Viper

Jan 09
The new fighting game character news just keeps rolling in today! Courtesy of the latest issue of Famitsu, we get out first look at the newest addition to the Street Fighter world. I continue to approach all Street Fighter IV... read

A HUGE wad of Alone in the Dark details: KILL IT WITH FIRE!

Jan 02
NeoGaf is absolutely crammed with delicious details regarding the new Alone in the Dark game for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. While the series has had its fair share of problems according to most critics, this new one is looking und... read

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles WiiWare scans dispel the nightmares of Pop

Oct 18
Some new scans from Famitsu (Who else?) have appeared on the ever useful NeoGAF forums, showing off some new images of Square-Enix's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: The Small King And The Promised Land, and they're looking... read

[CONTEST Update: Want this booklet for your very own swag collection?  Take a page from the booklet and PhotoShop (or MSPaint) something hilarious and we'll pick our favorite entry next Friday. We'll also send you a rand... read feature


Tekken 6 goes tubby: new character is a fat guy named Bob

Aug 30
While other next-generation fighters are shooting for sexy, busty new character designs, it looks like the team behind Tekken is shooting for the chubby chaser crowd.Namco Bandai's other fighter may have just added a bit mor... read

I has a manual: Halo 3 manual scans for the obsessive who has everything

Aug 18
[Video removed due to a scary copyright infringement email from Microsoft. No Halo for you!] We in the 'hardcore' demographic of the gaming community might not be quite as hyped for Halo 3 as we are for certain other gam... read

More new Mario Galaxy images and details, more explosions of joy

Aug 09
I've played a hell of a lot of Mario over the years. A hell of a lot. From the NES to the Gameboy, to the SNES, to the N64, to the Gamecube, to the DS, I've played through virtually every game in the series, yet still a new M... read

New Famitsu Scans: Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon

Aug 08
For where there is Chocobo, evil dares not tread. The prophecy foretells of a time when the yellow-crested harbingers of Instrumentality will stride forth as heralds of joy across the marshes and mountains as a ray of beauty ... read

New GTA IV details and scans

Jul 09
These Grand Theft Auto IV scans are from the latest issue of the British gaming mag Games TM. The 7-page-long exclusive preview contains details about the gameplay and some brand new in-game pics that make me feel all warm in... read

New NiGHTS screens, courtesy of Famitsu

Jul 06
It's been a while since we last saw anything of the Wii's NiGHTS: Journey Of Dreams, and it's safe to say that back then things were certainly less than arousing in the visuals department. Well thanks to the omni... read

First images of Croteam's Serious Engine 3 are all serious and stuff

May 20
Croatian gaming magazine, GamePlay, has nabbed the first look at Croteam's upcoming Serious Sam 3 and the yet to be named tactical-action shooter. Thanks to space-aged image scanning technology and the kids over at the Se... read

Dewy's Adventure looks like a Wiiiiiiiinner

May 12
Kawaii overload! While some must continue to suffer from famine at the Wii's casual and cutesy game library, others will rejoice at these new screenshots of Dewy's Adventure; a spinoff platformer title from Konami'... read

Final Fantasy IV DS, Dissidia, and Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Job Thang scans

May 09
Keeping up with Square-Enix's avalanche of Final Fantasy development in the last few years has been a handful, but very exciting for the RPG gamer. This fresh paella of scans comes from the latest Shonen Jump.  Each ... read

More reasons to make love to your DS: new Dragon Quest IX scans

Apr 25
JeuxFrance acquired a set of scans revealing fresh details of Dragon Quest IX: a game given a new release date every time we hear about it.  The big news is the changes in the combat system: it's back to turn-based... read

Famitsu reveals Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles info, confirms RE 4 Wii-make

Apr 04
First the good news -- the previously mentioned Resident Evil 4 Wii remake leaked by retailers has been confirmed by Famitsu. Not surprisingly, Wii remote functionality has been added. Players will be able to aim with the Wii... read

First screens of NiGHTS sequel on the Wii

Mar 30
We reported on this highly anticipated Wii exclusive being more or less official earlier this week, but I guess this makes it extra official. Unless this is just some (very) elaborate April Fool’s joke. And if that is t... read

Get all touchy-feely with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords

Mar 28
Are you sitting down? Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja have announced a new Ninja Gaiden game! Its name? Ninja Gaiden Dragon Swords. But here's the rub (*ahem*) -- it's for the Nintendo DS. Get it? Dragon Swords? DS?... read

While we wait for Sega to step up and bring that next-gen After Burner from behind closed doors, the Xbox 360's exclusive jet fighter franchise looks like it's seeing a nice visual upgrade in Ace Combat 6. Check out t... read feature


Dragon Quest and Mario characters team up in Itadaki Street DS

Mar 12
Japanese magazine Shōnen Gangan has revealed some new images of Itadaki Street DS. If you're not familiar, Itadaki Street is a computer board game designed by Dragon Quest creator, Yuji Horii. It originally appeared... read

More Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core scans

Mar 03
Tipster Crunshii is on a roll today, as he's provided some more hard to come by scans of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and his friend has provided a rough translation of the whole Angeal/Genesis background and drama. The... read

Brand new Final Fantasy 13 scans

Mar 03
A Chinese fansite has posted fresh new scans of Final Fantasy 13, one of the most anticipated games last remaining good reasons to be excited about the PS3. Also featured are the other two games from the Fabula Nova Crystall... read

First Megaman ZX Advent Screens

Feb 14
JeuxFrance has unveiled the first gameplay images for Mega Man ZX Advent (care of Famitsu magazine), slated for release in Japan on the Nintendo DS later this year.As the story goes:...Eyed for release this year in Japan, M... read

Bioshock coming to the PS3? No. Maybe. Probably. Yes! (update -- no)

Feb 12
[Update: 2K has just confirmed to us that OPM UK is quoting a press release from after E3 that didn't specify on a next-gen platform. In September, 2K announced Xbox 360 and PC exclusivity via a new press release. OPM is ... read

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