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1:15 PM on 12.20.2013

Castlevaniamania takes over today's Xbox sales

Today's Xbox Live sale is just like your old drinking buddy that got a girlfriend and can't be bothered to make time for you anymore -- totally whipped. Three Castlevania titles and a whole lot of downloadable conte...

Brett Makedonski

12:45 PM on 12.20.2013

Steam Holiday Sale: Fez, Far Cry 3, Chivalry, Crysis 2

Day two of the Steam Holiday sale provides more deals, and more chances for game blogs to put up filler content because holy crap there is like nothing to talk about during the holidays: Fez -- $2.49 Crysis 2: Maximum Editio...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

11:15 AM on 12.20.2013

Up to 50% off from the Square Enix Online Store

Square Enix's online store is offering up to 50% on select games. You have from today to January 5, 2014 to save, and while supplies last. Here's some of the more desirable deals Army Corps of Hell -- $14.99 Hitman: Absoluti...

Hamza CTZ Aziz

12:23 PM on 12.19.2013

The Steam Holiday Sale has officially begun!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That time when you lock yourself away for days at a time -- partially to immerse yourself in all the new videogames you bought on the cheap, partially to avoid the shame from neglecti...

Brett Makedonski

12:15 PM on 12.18.2013

Day two of the Xbox sale is all two-dimensional

The second day of Microsoft's annual end-of-year games sale puts 2D explorative indies in the spotlight. Terraria, Fez, and Spelunky are all on discount for approximately $5, $2.50, and $3.75 respectively. These are...

Brett Makedonski

2:05 PM on 12.16.2013

Xbox reveals its Countdown to 2014 sales

As Microsoft is one to do annually, tomorrow begins a new sale on Xbox games and add-ons to celebrate the end of another year. The event, which will last until December 23, features a series of downloads that are available fo...

Brett Makedonski

7:00 AM on 12.13.2013

Rock and roll with this week's Humble Weekly Sale

You know the drill. You can have four games -- Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor and Dwarfs!?! -- for whatever you want. A penny, if you're terrible and mad at the world (or broke). If you pay $6 or more, you can nab th...

Steven Hansen

5:40 PM on 12.12.2013

NPD confirms PS4 launch 'biggest in history'

After the news earlier today that market research group DFC Intelligence was dubbing the launch of the PlayStation 4 the biggest ever for a console, a statement from Sony President and CEO Jack Tretton confirmed it, backed up...

Alasdair Duncan

10:05 AM on 12.11.2013

Xbox One sells more than 2 million units in first 18 days

Microsoft sends word that they sold more than 2 million Xbox One consoles in the first 18 days. That's an average of 111,111 units sold a day -- a record for them.  The Xbox One is sold out at most retailers, they say. A...

Dale North

4:00 AM on 12.03.2013

PS4 sales cross 2.1M after European/Latin American launch

We knew the PS4 sold over a million units in 24 hours of North American availability. We knew it outsold the Wii U in the UK (over 250k units) in 48 hours. The numbers add up. Cue the PlayStation Blog update putting those num...

Steven Hansen

4:45 PM on 12.02.2013

Xbox won Black Friday, one tracker reports

The Xbox One led Black Friday sales at major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, and RadioShack, according to Info Scout. Xbox One accounted for 31% of console sales. Surprisingly, the 360 came in second...

Steven Hansen

by Hamza CTZ Aziz

The Autumn Steam Sale is now live! Daily Deals are out there for Skyrim ($7.49), Sleeping Dogs ($4.99), Rogue Legacy ($5.09), Left 4 Dead 2 ($4.99), Outlast ($6.79), The Walking Dead ($6.24), AntiChamber ($4.99), Terraria ($2.49), and Prison Architect ($14.99). Nice mix of new and old titles here.

There are Flash Sales as well, with Hammer Watch, Space Hulk, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, and Castle Story on sale for the next eight hours.

There's an assortment of other titles on sale too, from Papers, Please, Half-Life 2, Garry's Mod, Surgeon Simulator 2013, The Witcher, State of Decay, Risk of Rain, Arma III, Payday 2, and so much more all discounted.

The Steam Sale will last until December 3. Why are you still reading this, GO!

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12:15 PM on 11.25.2013

Garry's Mod has sold over 3.5M copies since release

Garry's Mod, otherwise known as GMod, has been a long-time fixture of the Steam and PC gaming community. In it, player's can take existing character models, objects, and environments, and experiment with them in a variety of ...

Alessandro Fillari

10:00 AM on 11.24.2013

Consumers spent $3.45 billion on videogames last quarter

According to a recent report from the NPD group, U.S. consumers spent 3.45 billion dollars last quarter on videogame content -- up 17 percent from the same quarter in 2012.  Leading the charge was Grand Theft Auto 5, whi...

Wesley Ruscher

Xbox One sells over one million units in 24 hours photo
Xbox One sells over one million units in 24 hours
by Hamza CTZ Aziz

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One has sold over one million units within the first 24 hours it went on sale in the 13 markets it was released in. Just like Sony, this was also a record breaking number in Xbox's history, surpassing day one Xbox 360 sales.

Additionally, Microsoft shared some stats on the first party games people have been playing:

  • Over 60 million zombies have been killed in “Dead Rising 3”
  • Over 3.6 million miles driven in “Forza Motorsport 5”
  • Over 7.1 million combos in “Killer Instinct”
  • Over 8.5 million enemies defeated in “Ryse: Son of Rome”
  • Fans also found time for some exercise, with over 43.3 million Fit Points earned in Xbox Fitness.

Wow that many people got suckered into Ryse, eh? Pretty impressed that 60 million zombies have already been killed within 24 hours. That's pretty nuts.

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7:43 AM on 11.17.2013

PlayStation 4 sells over one million units in 24 hours

Today Sony announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold over one million units within its first 24 hours in North America, making it the company's most successful console launch to date. A tweet from Sony Worldwide Studios presi...

Wesley Ruscher