Court battle over 38 Studios begins in Rhode Island
RIEDC v. Wells Fargo Securities LLC is underway
8:00 AM on 10.13.2013

Rhode Island governor allegedly forced 38 Studios closure
Former RIEDC director backs up criticism of government inaction
10:00 AM on 10.06.2013

Grand theft subtlety: GTAV governor candidates are awful
"I hate immigrants, the crippled; I can't stand unions, cops, old ladies"
8:30 AM on 08.14.2013

St. Christopher's is in lockdown in a new adventure game
Kickstarter campaign for an adventure game set in a UK private school
6:00 PM on 06.24.2013

Biden: No legal reason why 'violent' games can't be taxed
Vice President tells Reverend Asshole that'd be just fine
8:00 AM on 05.14.2013

Electronic Arts distancing itself from gun manufacturers
Plans to use branded weapons without licenses going forward
2:00 AM on 05.08.2013

SimCity, Colonial Marines, and The Silence
Keep your head down, then rewrite the story
10:00 AM on 04.23.2013

STEM Video Game Challenge at the White House Science Fair
Leaders acknowledge the good that videogame development can do
3:30 PM on 04.22.2013

The Best Amendment calls out the NRA
"Hell is other people. But what if other people are you?"
4:00 PM on 04.07.2013

Poll: Playing videogames correlates with violent behavior
The debate rages on
3:15 PM on 02.26.2013

President Obama wants game design in high schools
The President looks at the positive effects of gaming in education
11:30 AM on 02.18.2013

Poll: Violent videogames more dangerous than guns
The saga continues
2:00 PM on 02.09.2013

EA wants to be 'part of the solution' in violence debate
CEO says games aren't responsible, but must tackle negative perception
10:15 AM on 01.31.2013

US senator definitively claims games are worse than guns
Idiot moron says something idiotically moronic
5:30 PM on 01.30.2013

A gratuitous interview with Cliff Harris
Musings on The Outcasts, game development, modders, and Kickstarter
4:00 PM on 01.30.2013

EA joins HRC coalition to repeal Defense of Marriage Act
Publisher does a good turn for gay rights
9:00 AM on 01.29.2013