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Assassin's Creed photo
Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed screenshots matched up to the real world

Rome-ing about Europe
Aug 04
// Joe Parlock
Tumblr user Haricotkenway recently went on a trip around Europe, and has managed to line up screenshots from Assassin’s Creed with the real-life equivalent of the famous landmarks. While the idea may not be new, I still...
The Dream of the 70s-90s is alive in Portland
If you live in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps you attended the fifth annual Portland Retro Gaming Expo which took place the weekend before last. If you didn't, well -- here's a lovely pile of photos that the talented Geoffrey...

Photos photo

Naughty Dog is throwing a Photo Mode contest for The Last of Us Remastered

How's that for extra motivation?
Aug 15
// Jordan Devore
Capturing cool, beautiful, or otherwise standout moments in videogames can be such a joy, and I'm hopeful that more developers will follow the recent examples set by inFamous: Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered by inclu...

Extrasolar does exoplanet exploration, but it is more than meets the eye

Apr 22 // Darren Nakamura
Extrasolar (Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PC)Developer: Lazy 8 StudiosReleased: February 18, 2014 One of the draws of Extrasolar is its attention to scientific detail. It takes place on a world that could plausibly exist, orbiting Epsilon Eridani, the closest star with a known planet orbiting it. The development team consists of several science advisers in addition to traditional game designers. The world itself is fictional, but it behaves as a real planet would. It has a set day/night cycle that does not match our own. It has two moons, each with its own orbit and resulting phases. It has water and islands, and our rover's journey begins on one particular island called Artocos. On the surface, Extrasolar is as advertised. Most of the active playing involves scheduling a path for a rover, choosing its direction and basic lighting options, and taking a photo. The servers take in all of the variables (position, direction, time of day, et cetera) and produce a high resolution image. Indeed, every picture in this post is taken from my profile, and no photos taken by other players are identical. [embed]273615:53539:0[/embed] However, right from the beginning, Extrasolar makes it clear that it is not as cut and dried as it outwardly admits. Upon activating an account, the player is initially denied access, with the head of the fictional space exploration company XRI citing a large volume of volunteers and a shortage of available rovers. Shortly afterward, an email shows up from an unknown hacker who gets you into the program. This hacker's motivations are unclear at the outset, but it sets the stage for Extrasolar being something more than just a browser-based photo simulator. There is a narrative coursing through the entire experience, and it is divided into two threads: what they want you to know and what they do not want you to know. What is really special about the narrative is that it transcends the browser, presenting information via live action video, audio files, PDF, and email. The result is an experience that facilitates the suspension of disbelief. Rather than pretending to physically be on another planet, the player only has to pretend that he is sitting at his computer, directing a rover and uncovering secrets as the story unfolds. It feels more real than almost anything else out there. One thing that some players might not be able to get over is the pricing structure. Extrasolar is free to play, but it does not exploit that as severely as many other games in that space. For free, the player can schedule two photos ahead, has to wait four hours for each photo, and has limited uses for the panorama and infrared options. For a one-time purchase at ten dollars, the wait for each picture is reduced to one hour and the player is given unlimited uses of the options. Even more money can go toward a type of season pass, which covers future missions off Artocos Island. Outside of those payment options, there are no microtransactions or other sinister money-grubbing tactics. It makes sense to treat the free version as a sort of demo (though one could technically play through the story entirely without paying), and to buy it if the demo pleases. For me, it has been an immensely cool experience. Of all the games I got to see at PAX East, Extrasolar is one of the few that has invaded my psyche so completely. I make sure to schedule photos before I go to sleep, and I check them right when I wake up. Heck, I am playing the game right now, eagerly looking forward to what my next photo will turn up, and what revelations will arise from that within its hidden narrative.
Extrasolar photo
Come for the control of a rover on an alien planet, stay for the [REDACTED]
When I was talking to one of the developers of Extrasolar on the show floor at PAX East, I said something that I now regret. "This looks like something I would really like, but might not appeal to a ton of other people." He r...

SoniComi photo

Want to take pervy photos, More! SoniComi is just for you

Probably not safe for work, then again it's the weekend
Nov 30
// Wesley Ruscher
Meet More! SoniComi, a sort of sexy take on Pokemon Snap. In this PlayStation 3 exclusive, headed for Japanese shores March 20, 2014, you play the part of a gravure photographer who get's to snap lovely "professional" pictur...

Ogle some Nintendo's finest E3 titles, and cat people!

There's that trademark Nintendo flair!
Jun 11
// Jason Cabral
Nintendo sure has been sharing a lot on the great titles they have on the table for this year! From the return of Super Smash Bros. to the nostalgic feeling The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo is really hitti...
PAX East group photo photo
PAX East group photo

Here's your PAX East 2013 group photo!

Also, please share your community photos!
Apr 13
// mrandydixon
Now that PAX East 2013 is well behind you and you've all finally sobered up, I thought it would be about time to share this year's group shot! Rumor has it that it was so cold during this year's photo shoot that Hamza literal...
MAGFest 11 photo
MAGFest 11

MAGFest: Destructoid Live panel was awesome

Name that tune, corgis, and of course, a group photo!
Jan 04
// Jayson Napolitano
Did you make it out to the Destructoid Live panel today at MAGFest? We had a great time filled with photos of corgis, name that tune, and a music video that you must absolutely see, "Fatty Boom Boom."We have a few photos from the panel, including the group photo shown above. Thanks to everyone who made it out, and be sure to catch the rest of our coverage from MAGFest 11.
MAGFest 2013 photo
MAGFest 2013

MAGFest: Night one is over, you should be here

Random, OneUps, Metroid Metal, The Megas
Jan 04
// Jayson Napolitano
Destructoid is here at MAGFest. Are you? We had a blast today listening to the amazing rap stylings of Random (AKA Mega Ran), who impressed us with a freestyle session based on items that members of the audience held up. The ...

RTX: Photos of Team Rocket, Mega 64 hugs, and dumb stuff

Jul 07
// Allistair Pinsof
[This weekend Destructoid is reporting live from RTX in Austin, Texas, the community based gaming expo for Rooster Teeth fans and everyone else.] Yes, that's Team Rocket cosplayers hanging out with a stormtrooper. Do you now ...

My amazing adventures at BlizzCon 2011

Oct 27
// Chad Concelmo
I only had a few hours to spend at BlizzCon 2011 this past weekend, and I wanted to do as much fun stuff as possible in that very limited amount of time. I had already played StarCraft II and Diablo III (and don't regularly ...

Check out Namco Bandai's Japan office!

Sep 21
// Allistair Pinsof
While Dale North slaved away, covering the pre-TGS Sony Press Conference, Hamza and I traveled to Shinagawa, Tokyo to check out some Namco Bandai games, last week. Since Hamza loves Gundam, I love the Tales series and everyon...

Winners of The Destructoid Show's 3DS Destruction Contest

Jul 19
// Max Scoville
If you watch The Destructoid Show, you'll know we've been doing a contest to give away three Catalyst 3DS cases, sponsored by the fine folks at CM4. Of course, since we're a gaggle of idiot children, the contest was "make a p...

PAX East: A smattering of photos

Mar 15
// Josh Harrison
As some of you may have heard, the camera with almost all of the pictures from the weekend was stolen on Saturday night, complete with the memory card holding the secrets of all the astonishing times we had at PAX East. I'm t...

MAGFest photos are one tenth as awesome as being there

Jan 17
// Matthew Razak
Every time Destructoid gets together it is awesome. I haven't had a bad time when I've gotten to hang out with this awesome and totally amazing community. However, MAFest 9 was seriously epic to an extent I couldn't even fath...

REMINDER: Destructoid's photo at MAGFest

Jan 15
// Matthew Razak
(Hey everyone at MAGFest. Hope last night was awesome as it was for me. Remember to roll up for the Destructoid photo. Here the previously posted details.) As it is with all great, history-making events throughout time Destru...

Frank West's camera also back in Dead Rising 2: Case West

Sep 23
// Conrad Zimmerman
I loved the photography aspect of the original Dead Rising, even if it was a bit janky at times. So, I'm thrilled to learn that the mechanic will be returning in Dead Rising 2: Case West. In an interview with Eurogamer, ...

The calm before the PAX Prime 10 storm

Sep 03
// Tony Ponce
PAX Prime 10 is less than two hours away, and the show floor is filled to the brim with doodads and whatchits for your sick, sick pleasure. To get you further pumped, the Piki: Geek blog has posted two sets of photos of exhib...

This is how they game in Afghanistan

May 22
// Matthew Razak
Photojournalist Iason Athanasiadis has documented something amazing. It's an arcade in Kabul, Afganhistan, and for the kids and young adults who go there to play it's one of their only escapes. Most of the children who show u...

Take a photo tour of Blizzard's awesome offices

Oct 20
// Joseph Leray
Even though Jonathan visited Blizzard HQ twice over the summer and brought back a few photos, Blizzard has always been a rather secretive company. In an industry full of leaks and rumors, Blizzard keeps most of its info and i...

Rockin' with Sony & some bands at Virgin Mobile FreeFest

Aug 31
// Samit Sarkar
I love to get down with great music and videogames, so when Sony offered me (and three Dtoiders) the opportunity to head down to Columbia, MD, and play some PS3 games while taking in some live music at the Virgin Mobile FreeF...

Ever wondered what Blizzard HQ looks like?

Aug 17
// Aerox
Having been to Blizzard twice this summer, I've put together a little collection of pictures of their offices and all the awesome stuff they have. As if you didn't know from the success of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is basic...

Check out Made of Myth, wish you could read French

Aug 15
// Matthew Razak
Kotaku posted about a new French gaming magazine called Amusement a few days ago that caught my eye and today they got some very cool images from one of the mag's stories. I'm going two ways with this story so stick with me. ...

Wii Sports Resort report: A beach ... in Times Square?!

Jul 24
// Samit Sarkar
Yesterday, Nintendo held a launch event for Wii Sports Resort in New York City’s Times Square, allowing the public to try out the game three full days before its launch on Sunday, July 26th. They went all-out for this o...

Epic Games offices: not-so-epic phone camera picture tour

Feb 20
// Dale North
The Epic Games offices are...epic. Well, they're epic in a sort of subdued, business-like kind of way. The folks there were kind enough to show me around the offices after playing a bit of the upcoming Unreal Tournament III T...

Activision hires for 'advanced retouching of screenshots'

Jan 29
// Dale North
Have you ever heard of the games industry position "Art Services Screenshot Associate" before? Me either. I've always figured that there was someone out there that did something like this, but I didn't know that it ...

Comparison shots illustrate Rockstar's dedication to accuracy in GTA IV

May 13
// Samit Sarkar
I know what you’re thinking — “Goldarnit, another blasted GTA IV comparison post?!” (And if you are thinking that, well, the 1920s called; they want their mild oaths back.) But I’m happy to repor...

Art Attack Friday: Rich Grillioti

Oct 05
// Tiff
When it comes to the talented and accomplished pool of game industry folk that we here at Destructoid have coaxed into being our friends, we seem to have an inherent tendency to show them to you (like teh Pokemons, as it were...

TGS 2007: Scrapbook Part 1 - The show floor

Sep 28
// Dale North
As we wrap up our 2007 Tokyo Game Show coverage, we thought it would be fun to share our photo "scrapbook" from the event. It has been divided into parts (more coming soon) for ease of browsing. In the almost 100 st...

TGS 2007: Destructoid's official TGS party review wrap-up

Sep 27 // Dale North
VENUE - winner: Sony Cocktail Party, runner-up: both Microsoft parties Sony might have had the home base advantage here. Their party took place in Sony's United Showroom at the Sony Corporation building in Minato-ku, Tokyo. The building itself was pretty classy, complete with slick Sony elevators. The party took place in a room called The Square, and was decked with huge screens, samples of Sony products, one of Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man costumes, and even an actual Mini Cooper. Sure, none of that had anything to do with video games, but it was all impressive-looking, and kept us entertained while the others played Lair for some unknown reason.Both Microsoft parties we attended tied for second place, as they both took place in the New Otani's Shell Room, a poolside venue. The Tecmo party was in a small club with little walking room.FOOD - winner: Microsoft's Intl. Community and Press Party, runner-up: Tecmo Press Party Microsoft's International Community and Press Party wasn't their biggest bash, but it had the best food. We dined on tasty yakisoba, various fried pieces of seafood, spaghetti and meatballs, and more. The roast beef was somewhat questionable, although it was definitely good enough for Frenchy D. Although limited in quantity, Tecmo's grub was almost as delicious. Unnamed Asian noodle and chicken dishes had us licking our chops, and the dessert cakes had us coming back one time too many. Sony had some great desserts, and the chicken meatballs were great, but the yakitori stick I ate actually had to be spit back out -- it was that foul.  The TGS International Party gets last place in this line up, as the food was iffy, and the sushi fishless. Actually, all of the sushi at all of the parties were fishless. What the hell is up with that?DRINK - winner: Microsoft's TGS Party 2007, runner-up TGS International PartyYou know that Destructoid likes to get its drink on, so we placed the candidates under heavy scrutiny here. Let's be real here: this is Japan, and they know how to drink in this country. Every party fared well for different reasons, but Microsoft's TGS Party 2007 won due to great service. First off, I should say that we weren't... necessarily invited to this party, but we made it in anyway. Upon arriving, we found that invited guests had their own tables and chairs. Niero, Nick, and I, (along with various friends) had no place to sit, so we found a nice place on the ground to make a picnic. A waiter came to our little camp, squatted down to our level, and asked if we would like something, and our dear friend Scott (Famitsu) said, "Yes, can we get a bottle of beer? Wait... how about four bottles of beer... no, wait, five bottles of beer!" After a few short minutes, the waiter came back with 5 large bottles of Sapporo and glasses, squatted down again, and set them down in the middle of our camp site. How's that for service?The TGS International Party took second, as they had a drink buffet of shochu, Japanese whiskey, Japanese beers and various other goodies out and ready for the drinking.ATMOSPHERE - winner: Tecmo Press Party, runner-up: Microsoft's TGS Party Even though Tecmo's party was in the smallest venue (essentially a club), the atmosphere was great. Lovely maid girls brought guests all they could drink while dancers (and drunken guests) did their thing on the dance floor to the sounds of a live DJ. Yeah, it was small and crowded, but it seemed like people were having more conversations due to being forced together, and I made a few new contacts because of it. Microsoft's TGS Part was Arabian Nights-themed, and while we need to save the entertainment aspect for another category, the decorations, lighting, and music really pulled things together. It would've been really memorable if I hadn't downed so many beers. ENTERTAINMENT - winner: Microsoft's TGS Party, runner-up: Tecmo Press PartyMicrosoft pulled out all of the stops with this one and lined up live dancers, skits, fireworks, music, and crazy prize giveaways that had to be seen to be believed. Let's put it this way: Xbox 360 ninjas battled PS3 ninjas on stage, an afro-ed Japanese celebrity made a fool of himself, and sexy Arabian Night-type dancers did their thing for the crowd. Even though we spotted Tecmo's Itagaki checking his watch once, the rest of us were thoroughly entertained. The whole thing ended with a fireworks display that ended with streamers exploding everywhere. It was very impressive. Tecmo gets second place only because none of the other parties provided entertainment. We all dug the crazy dancing guys that came out from time to time, but that was about it. Well, I guess the French maids were entertaining in a sense.GAMES - winner: Sony's Cocktail Party, runner up: Microsoft's Community and Press PartyYou'd think that all of these events would be packed with games, but that simply was not the case. Sony was the only one that really had games lined up for guests to play. Pain, Everyday Shooter, Loco Roco Cocorecho, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Eye of Judgement, Trails of Topoq, Hot Shots Golf, and many more were all playable. Some attendees were even crazy enough to choose gaming over free drinks! We counted points off for the silly "do not take drinks beyond this line" line, but Sony still won anyway. Microsoft's Community and Press Party invited Japanese celebs (none of which we recognized) to play a some games with attendees poolside. They also had various XNA games available for those sober enough to give them a spin.OVERALL WINNER - Microsoft's TGS Party There can only be one winner, and of course, it had to be the one we "worked our way into." It was less about what was there and more about who was there and what we did with them. For Nick and I, it was good to finally get some time to see Mr. Destructoid himself, who had previously been very busy working Japan to make Destructoid the world-conquering force it will one day become. We also enjoyed the company of friends like Scott (installer of blackness, Famitsu), Jesse (from Terminal Reality), Adam Sessler (G4's X-play), Hugo (Wireless Gaming World), and John (Hudson), all of which were members of our little picnic. Actually, we met great people at all the TGS parties. We look forward to partying with you again soon. We leave you now with a few more choice shots from the TGS parties. 

As promised, here is Destructoid's attempt to "review" the various parties of this year's Tokyo Game Show. Some might think that doing so would be a bit tasteless, as these are usually private events, but people com...

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