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Tomb Raider (2013) has become the best-selling game in the series
Clearing 8.5M copies
3:30 PM on 04.06.2015

The Last of Us multiplayer DLC is not okay
Where was the uproar about this?
2:00 PM on 04.06.2015

Hope you aren't sick of seeing Mortal Kombat X trailers
No? Good, here's another
12:30 PM on 04.06.2015

Mortal Kombat's selection screen sure has changed over the years
Mortal Kombat X's full select screen revealed
5:30 PM on 04.03.2015

Rockstar made a TV ad just for GTA Online's Heists
Shot entirely on PC
12:15 PM on 04.03.2015

Square Enix announces Dragon Quest Heroes 2
Terendum tempus
11:15 AM on 04.02.2015

What is your favorite Souls game?
Demon's, Dark, Dark II, or Bloodborne
10:00 AM on 04.02.2015

Now batting, Herb Guy
Uncy Herb
3:30 PM on 04.01.2015

Dark Dreams Don't Die with Deadly Premonition
If only it were real
1:00 PM on 04.01.2015

Geometry Wars 3 is now a whole lot bigger
Free update with new enemies, levels, modes, and more
6:00 PM on 03.31.2015

Seeking a friend for the end of PlayStation Home
Digital Y2K party
4:45 PM on 03.31.2015

You don't know what you got 'til it's gone
They paved paradise
4:45 PM on 03.31.2015

There's no place like PlayStation Home
You'll never find those red slippers now
4:45 PM on 03.31.2015

Review: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Ascendance
A new meaning for Cyrus 'The Virus'
1:00 PM on 03.31.2015

Ooh, April's PlayStation Plus lineup has Never Alone
And Killzone Mercenary for all you PS Vita party people
12:30 PM on 03.31.2015

Where's our MLB 15 The Show review? (Royals suck edition)
Sony provided release date, PS4 code
10:00 AM on 03.31.2015


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