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Okamiden trademarked for US (hooray!)

Feb 17
Good news for those longing to hear about a North American Okamiden release. Capcom has recently trademarked the game in the United States, all but confirming that the DS sequel to Okami will be hitting the land of the round ... read

Hideki Kamiya, director of Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, and Bayonetta should be feeling pretty good right now. Bayonetta was one of best selling games in Japan this year, and chances are it will also do pretty well in... read feature


New Okamiden trailer is ZOMG SO CUTE!

Nov 26
So far, Capcom has been rather stingy when it comes to showing footage of Okami sequel Okamiden in action. Fortunately, that miserly attitude has been made up for with a nice three-minute trailer that looks absolutely bloody... read

Okami Vans will make your jaw drop

Oct 01
Um ... COOL. That is all I can say about these Okami-themed Vans, which are the latest project from the fine peeps over at Kyozo Kicks. Not only are the shoes beyond awesome, but I really like the sentiments in the artist's m... read

TGS 09: Prepare your envy for this sweet Okamiden fan

Sep 24
I've been a sucker for Okami's art style since the very first time I laid eyes on it, and while all I personally own from the game is the beautiful official artbook, I've always hoped to get my hands on more.  I had inte... read

TGS 09: Okamiden debut trailer is full of cute

Sep 24
Okay, Okamiden, stop being so cute! No, I take that back! Hurt me with your cuteness.Yeah, so Okamiden is ridiculously cute. Chibiterasu, the main wolf pup hero works together with a human kid in the trailer as they take on b... read

TGS 09: Capcom brings along life-size Okamiden statues

Sep 23
[As originally posted on Tomopop] Well, this was almost embarassing. Hamza pointed out to me the latest post on Kramez's blog over at Capcom-Unity, featuring these lovely Okamiden statues. Which, as it turns out, are life-siz... read

Take a look at Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show goods

Sep 18
Capcom is going to have some awesome new merchandise on sale at Tokyo Game Show next week. Everything -- from the T-shirts, lunch boxes, calendars and more -- all look pretty nifty! The merchandise is of course gaming related... read

Q: Okami and MadWorld should be embraced by the public

Sep 15
Everybody knows what happened to Okami. It was a critically acclaimed game by Clover Studios, but no matter how much respect and praise it won for its beautiful art style and interesting gameplay, the mainstream consumer didn... read

New Okamiden gameplay trailer featur ... D'AWWWW

Sep 08
Damn this game is cute. I know that's been said endlessly about Capcom's new Okami title for the DS, but I haven't said it yet, so I'm saying it now. It's f*cking cute. Look at the yappy little puppy, doin' stuff. Anyway, her... read

Okamiden gets small screenshots, tiny video

Sep 04
It's not the size that counts, it's the cuteness of the puppy, and Okamiden has one adorable little doggy. Is it doggy or doggie? Who cares?We have a tiny collection of even tinier screenshots for your enjoyment this morning,... read

Okamiden trailer get! Check out Capcom's TGS wares

Sep 03
Capcom has opened its Tokyo Game Show Web site and it's full of lovely things, chief among them being the first ever gameplay footage for Okamiden, the DS sequel to Okami that everybody with a soul is excited for. It's not mu... read

Okamiden's little wolf puppy is the cutest thing EVER

Sep 02
Okamiden news is starting to flow like wine ever since Famitsu announced its existence. We had a load of details this morning, and now a full magazine scan has appeared online, revealing main character Chibiterasu to the worl... read

Loads of Okami DS information

Sep 02
By now you should all be well aware that Okamiden, a sequel to the critically acclaimed PS2 game Okami, is heading to the Nintendo DS. Now there's a whole wad of information for you to gorge yourselves upon like the greedsome... read

Earlier this month, Capcom trademarked the word Okamiden leaving many to believe that Capcom would finally be making a new Okami game. Well, turns out it was true! Okamiden is featured in the latest issue of Famitsu and you ... read feature


Okamiden to be revealed in next week's Famitsu

Aug 27
There have been rumblings as of late, regarding something called "Okamiden," which Siliconera first discovered upon poking through some of Capcom's trademarks. The company was found to own the rights to the word, an... read

Failsauce in effect: Okami strategy guide suffers the same fate as Wii cover

Apr 28
Uh, Capcom design people? We know you were probably in a rush to get Okami out, and it's a port, so maybe you think the majority of the game's inital sales have already come and gone, and you guys are really busy over there, ... read

Capcom to offer 3 new Okami slipcovers to replace the watermark-riddled ones

Apr 23
In order to make amends for the Okami Wii box art fiasco, Capcom is sending out replacement slipcovers to those who purchased the game. There are 3 covers to choose from, one being the box art you have right now (sans IGN wat... read

Ever since it was released on the PS2 back in 2006, gaming journalists have ranted that Okami is the closest one can get to a 3D Zelda game on a non-Nintendo console. Two years later, the comparisons between that huge Nintend... read feature


Oopsies: IGN watermark on the cover of Okami

Apr 20
You Internet Matlocks sometimes amaze the hell out of me. Over on NeoGAF, a Wii Okami thread started up and it was pretty innocent enough until user bob digi pointed out a horrible fact. Right by Amaterasu's mouth is the IGN ... read

Capcom launches ridiculously sexy Okami art site

Apr 03
Say what you will about will about Clover Studios' Okami (and what else can you say other than "It's totally sweet"?), but there's no arguing that the game is simply gorgeous. The watercolor-style cel-shaded graphic... read

New screens and video of Okami Wii

Feb 19
Hooray for great games being ported to the Wii that are actually improved by the transition from regular ol' gamepad to Wii Remote! Here's hoping that all of the people who missed checking out Okami on PlayStation 2 will be e... read

Okami for the Wii is nearly you care?

Feb 11
While answering a few questions on the Capcom Unity forums, Capcom's senior director of strategy, Christian Svensson had a few things to say about the Wii's port of Okami -- and it appears to be a port in the literal sense. W... read

Capcom speaks on how Okami for Wii came to be

Nov 16
There has been much to-do about Okami's Wii incarnation, from excitement over its announcement to cynicism bordering on elderly crankiness in regards to the Wii version being more or less a port. Whatever your take, if you ha... read

Okami for Wii = Internet WAAAAR!

Oct 25
Everybody knows that the Internet is serious business, and nobody knows that better than Capcom, it seems. After the news broke about Okami heading to the Wii, many fans were ecstatic, but a fair number were far more cynical ... read

Ready at Dawn developing the really real Okami for the Wii

Oct 19
It was inevitable, and the rumors finally were confirmed a few days ago -- Okami is indeed coming to the Wii. The beautiful PlayStation 2 title seemed like a perfect fit for Nintendo's console, with its brush stroke mechanics... read

It's about time! Okami for the Wii confirmed

Oct 18
Let me get this out of the way first … woo hoo!Eurogamer is reporting that Capcom has (finally!) announced it is bringing its critically adored PlayStation 2 game Okami to the Nintendo Wii in spring 2008.... read

Tori-Emaki screensaver is more fun than most PS3 games

Oct 05
Common reaction to that title above is going to be "Stop bitching about PS3, bleh bleh bleh." Great thing is, since I'm a Games Journalist (also known as: hack), I can bitch about it all I damn please. Snark aside, ... read

Seeds officially changes their name to Platinum Games

Sep 28
Quick recap just in case you don't already know (but I trust most of you Dtoid regulars know quite well), Seeds is a game company made up of several major members of the now-defunct Clover Studios. It seems Seeds has decided ... read

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